A fabulous tissue napkin for appliances

Fairy napkin-pocket for devicesdo-it-yourself - an original embroidered napkin-pocket for devices with intricate appliqués and embroidery on the theme of tea drinking.

Materials and tools:

  1. cotton fabric in 4 colors;
  2. Nonwoven;
  3. cotton yarn
  4. "Iris" threads
  5. tape;
  6. scissors;
  7. marker for fabric;
  8. sewing machine;
  9. needle;
  10. Iron.

Step 1

We cut out the basis for the future napkin from a single-colored cotton fabric (2 cuts) and non-woven fabric (1 cut) with dimensions of 38x21 cm. Leave the seam allowances.

Step 2

Next, we cut out the appliqués for the napkin from the colored cotton fabric, using this pattern. Details of application are better to cut out from fabrics with different patterns and ornaments. Seam allowances are not needed here.

Step 3

Now, from the same fabric that was used for the base, we cut out a cutlery pocket measuring 14x8.5 cm, leaving the seam allowance.

Step 4

We place appliqués and a pocket on one of the cuts for the base of the one-color cloth napkin and, choosing the best composition, pin them with pins.

Step 5

Next, manually sew appliqués to the base with a decorative stitch with the help of “Iris” threads of a contrasting base color.

Step 6

With the help of hand-embroidered stitches and threads "Iris" we imitate a trickle of tea pouring from the teapot into the cup. We use bright yellow yarn.

Step 7

Now we sew a band with pom-poms to the blank and fasten it to the base of the napkin with the help of pins. Attach a pocket on the sides of the base, leaving the top for cutlery.

Step 8

Next, fold the two pieces of the base of the napkin face to face, and put a piece of nonwoven on top. We stitch around the perimeter, leaving a place for turning.

Step 9

How should we debug a cloth with an iron at a suitable temperature for cotton. We drain the napkin around the perimeter from the front side.

Step 10

Now with the help of the thread "Iris" we make a decorative stitch: we sew through the entire napkin with dotted stitches in a chaotic manner.

Fabulous napkin for instrumentsis ready.