"Erin Brokovich" and 6 more films that everything will be fine

There are moments in the life of each of us when we give up, it seems that life has collapsed and the black stripe will never end ... But this is not so! The universe has its own laws: everything is balanced sooner or later. At least remember the stories from your life. Well, when the mood completely fell, the problems accumulated so much that the head bursts, you need to rest. This helps bring thoughts into order and find the right solution. Works, checked! At least, the characters in the films from our collection.

"Erin Brokovich", 2000

Erin Brokovich (Julia Roberts) proves that difficulties only temper the character. Her insane energy, impulsiveness, courage, determination, ease, and unapproachable beauty play a key role in the development of her career. It will prove to everyone around that appearance does not affect human qualities, that lack of education is not an obstacle to professional growth, that three children are only an incentive to move on, grow and not cry at night, that at any age you can find your love and become famous for the whole world.Take the example of Erin and do not become limp, even if it seems that life is flying to hell. You can fix everything, any problems can be solved.

"... And in my heart I dance", 2004

If you think that you are living an incomplete and boring life, that you have nothing, that there is no joy in this world ... then this picture is for you. She tells the story of people with disabilities who want to live a full life in every way so that they are not treated as persons with disabilities and respected by them. The protagonist of the picture is a 24-year-old young man named Michael (Stephen Robertson), who since his birth has been forced to live in a house for the disabled. He has cerebral palsy, he cannot move, he can barely talk and dreams of independence. With the appearance in his life of a mortally ill guy named Rory (James McAvoy) everything changes dramatically. Only together can they break out of their cage, receive benefits, and at least briefly begin to enjoy their existence. This film is very heavy and sad, but it is an excellent motivator to action, to stop tolerating what does not suit you, and finally start changing everything, even if no one around you believes in your project.

“In pursuit of happiness”, 2006

The film by Gabriele Muccino is based on the true story of a man named Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith). The poor guy invested all his honestly earned money in densitometers, but he couldn’t sell a single device and could not ... Add to this the lack of work, a lot of unpaid bills, a five-year-old son, and all this will lead to the fact that Chris leaves his wife and will be evicted to the street . Well, if he was alone, but with a small child in his arms to spend the night in the toilets of the subway - not comme il faut. In general, the only way that social services are not taken away from a son is to find a job. Just make it difficult, even if you live in San Francisco. And then Chris agrees to an unpaid internship in a large company (this trial period lasts a whole six months). This did not frighten Chris, he managed to escape from the crisis, clenching his teeth, and change his life for the better.

"The King says!", 2010

One of the strongest films of 2010, based on the history of the British king George VI (in his role as Colin Firth), which was not taken seriously by anyone because of a strong stutter. He wanted to change for the better, get rid of his defect and take office.To do this, it took him a lot of effort: he went through ridicule and humiliation, overcame his fears, cast away all doubts and nevertheless achieved his goal. Through pain, setbacks and tears ... If you think that something is not working out for you or you cannot cope with the tasks set, that it is easier to give up everything and give up your dream without even trying to realize it, then watch this movie and make sure the reverse.

“The man who changed everything”, 2011

“The Best Film” of 2012, according to the Oscars-distributor of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, is difficult to argue with. The picture was taken from the book of the same name by Michael M. Lewis and tells about the unpromising Auckland baseball team, which has neither sponsors, nor money, nor normal offers. The manager of this team is former baseball player Billie Bean (Brad Pitt), whose career has collapsed, and now he wants to prove to everyone around him, including his ex-wife and daughter, that he is not a loser and will be able to achieve success in life. How will he do it? Naturally, it will turn on the cold head, remove the old grievances, compress the teeth and fight to the end! The film is very motivating to work and shows that any stalemate situations are resolvable.

"Unbroken", 2014

The film, directed by Angelina Jolie, tells the real story of a promising athlete Louis Zamperini (Jack O'Connell), who participated in the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. He had to go through a lot of difficulties on the way to success, but they only made him stronger. After the Olympics, he went to the front, then he had to survive on a raft with two other colleagues after the bomber crashed for a month and a half in the open ocean, then fight sharks, and then Louis was captured by the Japanese, where he was tortured. But breakdown is not about him. He is an athlete, that's why he does not fear any mockery of the Japanese ... The film turned out to be strong, albeit not without historical inaccuracies.

The Survivor, 2015

The same film for which Leo received his first and long-awaited Oscar. You can look at it at least for this: is it not motivation for the actor to play until he is celebrated with the most prestigious award, and persistently withstand previous defeats? Events in the film unfold in the XIX century in the north-west of America. Hunter Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) badly wounded in a fight with a bear.Hugh's pseudodrug, John Fitzgerald (gorgeous Tom Hardy), threw Glass to die alone in the forest, but he miscalculated ... The hunter not only survived, but also built in his head a cold-blooded plan of revenge, which he was certainly going to put into action. This, of course, should not be a motivation for you (that you need to survive only in order to take revenge on your enemies), but how he fought for his life, how he wanted to return home and how he overcame all difficulties was worthy of praise. you can learn and set an example.