Effective program for cheating in social networks

As you all know, cheating groups and pages on social networks is a crucial task in order to get the most out of their placements in a short time. It is this goal that serves a small, but very effective, which I recently found on the Internet.

Its developers have done everything possible to control this application does not cause difficulties even for the most inexperienced users. For convenience, the original and simple design was applied. The functional and clear menu provides the opportunity to start promoting their developments immediately after its installation, without requiring additional time costs to study it.

Wtope functionality

For those users who are not familiar with this interesting application, I want to share all its positive aspects that I have found for my purposes. Immediately it should be noted - even though the program “works” with such social networks as Twitter, Instagram, Askam FM and YouTube, it offers the most opportunities to the participants on VKontakte.This becomes noticeable as soon as you start working with the program. In its functionality for those who wish to accelerate the promotion of VKontakte will be presented a much larger number of opportunities and tasks performed than in all the others.Wop interface

What will the program offer you? This application is able to cheat likes. It itself invites friends and increases the number of subscribers, for which points earned on assignments are used.

Speaking of points. These points can be obtained in several other ways, except for how to perform tasks in YouTube or other networks. First of all, every minute of the passive mode of the program, there is an automatic accrual of 1 point. When urgently needed, these glasses can be bought for real money. Also, each of you who performs 100 tasks will receive an award - access to free points.

To perform tasks for the program, which it does automatically after the task is loaded, you will need to log in to the social network that needs cheat through by selecting it in the right-hand part of the program's functional window. For example, Instagram.Log in through the login and password of the selected social network. However, do not be afraid that someone will be able to use your secret data. The program is still new, and apparently nobody was interested in hacking it. There are no precedents confirming the facts of opening someone's accounts due to the use of Wtop.

Stages of work with the program

To get started, the program must be downloaded from the developers site. It requires very little space, and additional resources are not required at all. Starting it and having passed authorization, you will see a window with the inscription “Add task”, when clicked, a list of social networks will appear, where cheating is possible with it.

Having chosen the right one, for example, VKontakte or AskMF, you just need to hover over it to see a drop-down menu, where the tasks that can be performed on this network are described. Now it is enough to specify what is needed at the moment - to wind likes, subscribers or something else from the proposed one and click on it.

Vtepe instructionWhen you select VKontakte, there are many offers, among which are not only the main directions, but also many additional ones, among which there are “People as friends”, and repost records, and the possibility of voting. Each new task will offer the choice of the required method.

After selection, it is necessary to indicate in a blank line a link to this object, for example, on a photo or video that needs to be promoted. The main thing to remember to use the item - "Number of accomplishments." The required number of points is entered here. Usually starting with 10. Their multiplier is determined automatically, since each task differs in their number.