Easter cottage cheese

Fat cottage cheese (18%)250 gramsButter70 gramsQuail eggs (yolks)2 piecesSugar50 gramsSour cream 20% fat30 gramsVanillin1 pinch20 grams
For decoration
Berries (fresh)
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:20 minutes
  • Processing Type:Whipping
  • Kitchen:Russian
  • Occasion:Easter

In a separate bowl, beat with a mixer cottage cheese, butter (softened), sugar, quail yolks. Then add sour cream and continue to beat until mass gains a �lush�, but thick texture. Add to the bowl the raisins, pre-soaked in water (10-15 minutes), and mix with the mass. At the very end add a pinch of vanilla. Easter is ready.

Traditionally, Easter is laid out on a plate in the shape of a truncated pyramid, the letters �XB� are depicted on the sides. But you can serve the dish in your own way: for example, by decorating a plate with fresh strawberries, blackberries, currants and placing in the center a small pile filled with honey. You can lay out Easter on a plate using a culinary bag in the form of small "roses".