Drying the body at home - program, diet and menu

Drying of the body is a process in which a person gets rid of subcutaneous fat. With the help of drying the athlete makes the muscles more prominent. Since not everyone can visit the gym, I will tell you how the body is dried for girls and men at home.

The term "body drying" is widely used by bodybuilders. Due to the rapid development of the fitness industry, this word began to call any weight loss, although this is not entirely correct. When drying, the effect of losing weight is achieved through the care of fatty tissue, rather than muscle mass.

In the process of drying, it is customary to focus on the preservation of muscles. To achieve an impressive result, you need to continue training and pay special attention to nutrition.

People who are not involved in sports and wish to lose weight quickly through drying should understand that the figure obtained as a result will be far from ideal.Disappeared subcutaneous fat will open the muscles that are far from perfect and can not boast of relief.

Body Drying for Men

Exercise Plank Drying

The procedure for drying the body at home is a set of simple measures aimed at the elimination of subcutaneous fat without affecting the gained muscle mass.I note that drying outside the gym should be done only under the supervision of a knowledgeable trainer and after work to increase body weight.

Why is it necessary to dry the body? By increasing muscle mass, guys do not pay attention to food and consume almost everything. Often they include in the diet of sports supplements, accelerating muscle growth.

Naturally, along with the growth of muscles on the body fat appears. To make the male figure look perfect, you need to get rid of fat and emphasize the relief of the muscles. This effect is achieved by drying the body.

The basis of the process of drying the body is a complete change in nutrition. Fats and carbohydrates are excluded from the diet, the main emphasis is on protein foods. Such a diet without adequate training and experience - a dangerous event.You can dry the body only in the absence of medical contraindications. In diseases of the organs it is not recommended.

In addition to the protein diet, a strict day regimen and regular exercise should be observed, taking into account the age and body type. Below I will consider in detail the features of nutrition and training program.

Training program for men

Exercise in the gym is much more convenient, because there are the necessary sports equipment. At home, a training program and sports equipment should be on hand.

  • Being engaged at home, it is necessary to increase the duration of workouts and reduce working weight. The ideal option are exercises with aerobic exercise. Such exercises quickly burn fat, and the protein diet retains muscle volume.
  • At home, you can effectively deal with dumbbells, barbell and rope. Excellent results will provide a bike or rollers. If there are no such sports units in the arsenal, the yard horizontal bars and parallel bars will come to the rescue. The main thing is that in the process of training the load is distributed evenly. In this case, you need to swing all the muscles.
  • Thanks to regular home workouts, you will gain experience.As a result, during the inspection of the figure, you will be able to identify groups of muscles that do not exercise well and adjust the training program so as to eliminate this defect. Even if you study at home, use a program developed by a professional taking into account your individual data.
  • Sports preparations for drying the body. When a person trains at home, there is no question of sports nutrition. You can limit the vitamin and mineral complex, which will help fill the deficiency of nutrients.
  • I do not recommend using professional fat-burning supplements on my own. It is better, if in this issue will help a professional coach.
  • The duration of home drying for the first time is five weeks. Professional athletes spend drying for three months, however, they are guided by a special program developed taking into account the characteristics of the body.

The choice of specific exercises for drying the body is huge. Choose a optimal set for home workouts will help a professional trainer. Consultation does not cost too much, but the money spent is more than offset by the result.

Video example of drying 8 kg of fat in 8 days!

Diet and menus for men

Now we will talk about the features of food during drying.

Cleavage of subcutaneous fat deposits is a complex and energy-intensive process. With a deficiency of sugar, the body consumes muscle glycogen, and only then subcutaneous fats. How do you need to eat to the diet provided such an effect?

During drying, consume foods low in carbohydrates. The list includes meat broths, mineral water, boiled seafood, boiled eggs, dairy products, fish and white meat, cucumbers, cabbage, radishes, green pepper, greens and zucchini.

Among the banned products are bread, sweets, pastries, salt and vegetables rich in starch. I present a generalized version of the male diet during drying, breaking it down by weeks.

  1. First week. The daily rate of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight should not exceed 2 grams. The number of meals per day - 6. In the diet include egg whites, low-fat cottage cheese, brown rice, cheese, boiled chicken breast, savory fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils.
  2. Second week. From the second week, nutrition becomes more rigid, and the rate of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight is reduced to 1 gram. During the first half of the day you can eat porridge.Over time, eat no more than 120 grams of food.
  3. Third week. Carbohydrates (per kilogram of body weight) reduced to 0.5 grams per day. The frequency of meals does not change, and from the diet to bring the fruit with cheese.
  4. Fourth week. A single portion of porridge should not exceed 6 spoons, and the list of prohibited foods includes carrots and radishes. When weakness, drowsiness and dry mouth appear, retreat from the diet, as these are signs of blood oxidation. Carbohydrates will help to eliminate unpleasant sensations.
  5. Fifth week. A month later, the daily rate of carbohydrates reduced to 50 grams per day. From the diet to exclude all cereals. It is allowed to eat salads, fresh vegetables and greens. Lack of fiber can lead to ketone poisoning.
  6. Sixth week. The ration becomes extremely poor, and the menu is severely limited. From the diet to exclude dairy products, because they contain sugar, which at this stage of drying is prohibited.
  7. Seventh week. From this point on, you can begin a gradual withdrawal from the diet, and increase the amount of carbohydrates to 0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. In the diet, add fresh vegetables and seafood.
  8. Eighth week. In the diet gradually introduce carbohydrates, enriching the menu with porridges, fruits, dairy products and vegetables. Move in the opposite direction.

Nutritional recommendations are general. To achieve maximum results without compromising health, it is recommended to consult a professional nutritionist.

Body drying for girls at home

Exercise for women

Many girls have heard about drying the body at home, however, not everyone understands what this slimming technique represents.

Drying the body is reduced to the rapid and efficient burning of fat mass. This method of losing weight prefers professional bodybuilders in preparation for the competition.

According to the professionals, you should not get involved in this technique, because drying muscles with a sharp loss of fat deposits for an unprepared female body is under great stress, which often leads to undesirable consequences.

Drying the body is the final stage of a special diet, the results of which must be supported by intensive training, adjusted daily routine and proper nutrition.

Training program for girls

For each girl, the training program for drying the body is individual. The recommendations are general.

All muscle groups should be involved in strength training. If this is not done, the body will regard the muscle mass as an “unnecessary burden” and destroy it.

  • Experts advise combining training with aerobics. Aerobic workouts complement strength training. In this case, you should not overdo it. Aerobics burns fat, but during drying the body suffers a nutrient deficiency, so the process of burning muscle mass can begin.
  • There is no universal set of exercises. Only a professional coach can choose the perfect option. When drying the body at home, you need to regularly monitor changes in the body. At the appearance of even a slight skew, the program should be corrected immediately.
  • In homework training to include a couple of approaches to the top ten repetitions on the rope.
  • Running in the park is a great addition to the main load. Run for 30 minutes. Running will sweat your legs and eliminate fat.
  • Alternatives to running - walking, swimming, team sports: football, basketball, volleyball.
  • According to the generally accepted opinion, in the morning a person burns much more energy than at lunch or in the evening.

For home drying to be highly effective, back up your workouts with proper nutrition.

Video training program

Diet and menu for girls

It was the turn to talk about nutrition while drying the female body. Diet and menus during this period include protein-rich foods that contribute to an increase in muscle mass.

  1. In the diet include chicken breast, lean fish, eggs, milk and cottage cheese. Cook the chicken without the skin, and cook the eggs.
  2. During drying exclude smoked foods, fatty and fried foods, canned food and pickles.
  3. When drying the body, it is better to steam or boil food. You should bet on high-fiber greens and vegetables.
  4. The number of meals - at least eight, in two hours.
  5. Schedule calories.
  6. Give up the sweet. Exclude from the diet of cookies, sweets, flour products, pastries and spices. You can replace a moderate amount of fruit.
  7. Drink up to three liters of liquid per day. Refuse coffee because it removes water from the body. Instead, I advise you to drink green tea.

During the diet is not prohibited to arrange fasting days. Once a week you can eat anything in moderation. This will provide psychological relief and will keep the regime. Having the enviable power of the girl do without it and achieve impressive results.

Thinness of fat burning and diet for girls are analyzed in video

Divide the drying of the body for girls into 3 stages. If you follow the instructions, everything will work out, and the body’s response to changes will be less pronounced.

  • At the initial stage in the diet include carbohydrate-rich foods, vegetables and boiled food. After a few days, begin a smooth transition to protein. Eat small meals.
  • After 15 days, you can treat yourself to a small number of sweets, which normalizes blood sugar. In the morning, eat carbohydrates, in the second - proteins. Cooking should be with olive or linseed oil.
  • The third stage of drying the body is the toughest. Protein intake is reduced to 5% of body weight, and the daily rate of carbohydrates to 80 grams. Supplement diet with physical activity. Shake shoulders, work your arms, train your legs and pay attention to the development of other muscle groups.

The duration of these stages does not exceed three months. During this period, you can easily lose up to 7 kilograms.Before starting the process, you should contact a professional trainer and nutritionist to draw up a training plan and work out a diet that takes into account the characteristics of the body.

In conclusion, I will add that in a person who consistently follows these recommendations, adipose tissue goes away quite quickly. But the intensive rate of weight loss is unacceptable, so weight loss must be controlled. The body of a girl a day should lose no more than 200 grams of weight. At a higher speed, you can drive the body into a state of severe stress, as a result, it will begin to stock up on fat.

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Adipose tissue is necessarily present in the human body. For women, the minimum rate of 12% of body weight. At a sports constitution on a share of fat it is necessary to 10%.