Dried egg yolks are an unusual delicacy for real gourmets.

Eggs are a versatile product. They are used to prepare various dishes and desserts. They are good in themselves. Fans of home baking are familiar with the situation when only proteins are an ingredient of this or that dish. We offer the attention of gourmets an unusual recipe for dried yolks. It may seem strange to some, but still worth a try. The result will not only surprise you, but will also please.

In addition to the yolks, you need 1 glass of salt and sugar, as well as a container that is deep enough to cover the yolks completely.

Stages of cooking dried yolks

First, mix the salt and sugar in a separate bowl. After making sure that the yolks are well separated from the proteins, pour part of the mixture on the bottom of the container, and then gently place the yolks there, maintaining the distance between them.

We drop the yolks with the remainder of the mixture completely and send it to the refrigerator for 4 days.By the end of the term the mixture will be wet.

Taking yolks, get rid of the remnants of salt and sugar. It is best to rinse them with water and put on a napkin for a few minutes. You can taste the yolks now. But in this state it is difficult to cut them into pieces or grate.

Send the yolks to the oven. Baking time - 2 hours, maximum temperature - 150 degrees.

Options for using egg delicacy

Egg yolk baked in this way is not a separate dish. This is an excellent additive to salads and canapes, as well as all sorts of sauces. Crushed yolk will add spice to festive and everyday dishes. You can even add it to popcorn or pasta. Ready yolks are stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Successful to you experiments, richness of taste and pleasant appetite!