Divorce pushed Buzov to a cardinal change of image

TV presenter shocked fans with new hair color.

Olga Buzova, it seems, is experiencing a difficult divorce from her husband, football player Dmitry Tarasov. So far, the couple has not officially confirmed and denied the rumor about breaking up, but their friends did it for them. In addition, both Buzova and Tarasov do not get tired of publishing meaningful poems and reflections on life on social networks. A peculiar sign that not everything was going smoothly between Olya and her spouse was a sudden change in the image of a TV host.

Olga Buzova: photo hair color
Photo: @tatiannaromanova

From bright platinum blonde Buzova turned into a no less spectacular brown-haired woman. Pictures of a star with a new tint by an ox appeared in its Instagram, as well as on Instagram of its hair stylist.

The photo in which Olga Buzova appeared with a shortened reddish-brown “bean”, she commented as follows: “The future is for those who break stereotypes. And I look into my future with new eyes. Thank you, Tatyana Romanova, that together with me you create, but not destroy. ”By “destroying” the star obviously meant her husband, Dmitry Tarasov, who, judging by everything, became the culprit of the divorce.

Do you like the new image of Olga Buzova?
Do you like the new image of Olga Buzova?
  • Yes! With dark hair, she looks more attractive!
  • Olya is blonde to the bone! Dark hair does not tally with her image.
  • Dark hair does not go at all!
  • I like the new color, but Buzova is clearly not going away with him for a long time.
November 19, 2016Lisa raven
a guest22.11.16 14:45

what was the reason for it and why was it not the other people's husbands from the family who were being taken away and the hair color would not help

Olya, you're a beauty. Do not listen to your envious, they can not cope with their negotivom, we wish them health, and you good luck, happiness and love.

a guest23.11.16 11:30

Ages this color (

a guest23.11.16 15:52

Very stylish and beautiful. Olga is much better with such a hair color. Now she looks like a businesswoman, not a frivolous, silly flirt.

a guest23.11.16 21:11

Natali: Great! She has become even brighter and more beautiful, Olga, you're just superb !!!!

a guest24.11.16 09:46

Beautiful girl.

a guest24.11.16 19:37

I, of course, not a fan of Buzova, but her new image is very good

a guest24.11.16 20:13

Olga Buzova is who? Of course we have no other problems, only this one!

a guest24.11.16 21:29

you scared my old lady

a guest25.11.16 13:38

Olya, you look great, beauty !!!)

a guest25.11.16 14:55

... from this person through the playfulness and fake behavior. ALL her essence of a mercantile person manifested itself during her stay at DOM-2, as participants ..., especially at the moment where she "tied off" her boots. ... Here is the whole essence of HER .. Man will NEVER change, it is given to HERE. She is trying to be different, ... but alas .., hence the false and nastrannosti ... brrrrr,

a guest23.01.17 21:34

Hair color is not important, the main state of mind, but we, girls, need to put our emotions and energy somewhere.