Disassembly of a modern iron

Despite the apparent simplicity of the iron, it is not possible to disassemble it to all the owners. It is all about the numerous fasteners hidden under decorative furnish. In order not to break anything when disassembling the iron, it is necessary to show calmness and shrewdness. Having completely disassembled the iron, it becomes possible to eliminate many simple malfunctions. Consider the sequence of disassembly of a modern iron using the example of the VES 1616 model. The iron should be cold and without water.
In the front parts of the iron there is a "tricky" screw, for unscrewing which you need a flat screwdriver with a slot in the middle. Such a slot can be made in a standard screwdriver with a needle file or a grinder.
 tricky screw
 unscrew the bolt
The following screws are hidden under the water supply buttons. The buttons are easily removed by pressing them in the front part.The back of the button rises, and you can take it out of the iron body.
 iron buttons
Now you need to unscrew the top two screws and remove the top element.
without buttons
Next, unscrew 3 more screws and dismantle the lever that regulates the flow of water.
 pulling out the valve
Now remove the back cover, where the" tricky "screw has already been removed, and unscrew the 2 screws in the upper part of the iron.
 remove the back cover
 unscrew 2 screws
Poddev a top screwdriver the part of the handle, we cut it.
 prying a top with a screwdriver
 we split it
Next, hook the heating regulator and dismantle the regulator and the lower part of the handle.
 dismantle the regulator
 unmount the regulator
Now you can see the 3 screws that attach the aquacorp to the platform. We unscrew them, disconnect the tube through which water is fed to the "sole" and remove the housing for water. -svoimirukami.ru/images/1/884-vykruchivaem.jpg "alt =" Unscrewing "title =" Unscrewing "> remove the case