From Bariatrics to Bodybuilding - The Dining Out Dilemma

Dining-Out Dilemma

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After eating a big dinner at a restaurant, I always feel uncomfortably stuffed (it doesn't matter what I order — it could be a salad or a steak). What's your advice?

I’m not surprised. Restaurant portions have grown significantly over the past few years. Try this technique the next time you eat out: When you’ve finished about half the food on your plate, take an extended pause. Stop eating for about five minutes (chat instead) and give your body a moment to decide whether it’s still hungry. It can take up to 20 minutes for our stomachs to begin registering fullness, so it’s best to slow down before you’re stuffed. If after the five-minute pause you decide you’re still not satisfied, it’s okay to eat a bit more — at least you’ll be choosing to do so out of hunger rather than habit.

Video: Dining Dilemma

Dining-Out Dilemma
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Watch Dining-Out Dilemma video
Watch Dining-Out Dilemma video

Communication on this topic: Dining-Out Dilemma, dining-out-dilemma/
Communication on this topic: Dining-Out Dilemma, dining-out-dilemma/ , dining-out-dilemma/

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