Diet Volovichova Inna

Inna Volovicheva has been a member of the acclaimed television project Dom-2 since February 2009. When she came to the teleproject, her weight was 115 kg, now he is 75 kg. As Inna writes in her blog, at that time she couldn’t even imagine that her clothes would be 46 sizes (earlier it was 54 sizes), and her outfits were becoming more and more sexy that she would take part in amazing photo shoots.

Inna talked about her genetic predisposition to fullness, and despite this, she managed to develop a diet for herself and keep herself in shape. Volovicheva tried to lose weight before. But the difficulty was that Inna, like many other girls, loves to eat and has a good appetite. Once the Kremlin diet helped her, but for a long time it was impossible to sit on it, and the weight returned

Inna Volovicheva is 28 years old, she is beautiful, sensual. She is able to become an example of imitation for many women who do not know how to dare to lose weight, and what to do for this. We will tell you how Inna Volovicheva lost weight. This became known after the release of her book Inna Volovicheva's Secret.How I lost 40 kilograms. "The book is based on entries from the diary of House-2 participant. It describes not only love relationships on the project, but also about Inna Volovicheva's diet for free. and follow a diet.

How Inna Volovicheva lost weight - diet

Inna calls the main man in her life a fridge. But now she has found the strength and left him, leaving all dependence in the past life. Inna Volovicheva’s diet has become the right diet and lifestyle for her. Let's look at her diet and daily diet.

Morning and breakfast are the most important meal times. You can’t skip it, because a balanced right breakfast helps you to control your weight. It turns out that in the morning you provide your body with energy, and with the help of this it starts to burn calories. Inna Volovicheva breakfast consists of oatmeal boiled in water. Salt, sugar and butter can not be added! But it is allowed to eat different fruits. Exclude only bananas and grapes, as they are a source of large amounts of carbohydrates. So begins the famous Volovicheva diet from house-2.

During the day and evening (until 6 pm) Inna eats such boiled meat as chicken fillet, veal, beef. Also consumes vegetables, fish, seafood. Black bread is allowed, and white is prohibited. Inna Volovicheva pays special attention to the fact that it is impossible to eat fried, salty and sweet!

As soon as the clock shows 6 pm, Inna knows what it means. You can not eat until the morning! But it will be useful to eat grapefruits or fresh ones. This fruit has a positive effect on weight loss and promotes fat burning.

What should be abandoned altogether? There are such products, because beauty requires sacrifice. But do not worry, because with the beauty in the set you will get health, longevity and joy from the reflection in the mirror! Inna made sure that this combination is more important than any harmful, but tasty food. So, according to the diet of Inna Volovicheva, it is necessary to abandon sandwiches, chips, chips and alcohol.

In 1 month, Inna lost 8 kg. And when she looked at how her pants were hanging on her, she did not want to throw such a diet. In fact, the diet of Inna Volovicheva with house-2 is the right way of life, which all doctors recommend to people, as a way of improving health,and as a diet for weight loss.

Inna's important note is that the girl should have physical exertion. To keep yourself in shape, you need to forget about laziness. No matter how tired you are, no matter how bad your mood is, you must regularly play sports for your own sake!