Diet for the abdomen and sides

In the fight against extra pounds, the biggest emphasis is usually on the abdomen and sides. These zones are the hardest to correct. Many women crave to lose weight in the stomach and sides. What will help the diet for the abdomen and sides? How to save the result? Let's see what can be done here.

We remove the stomach and sides: the basis

You need to start by reviewing your diet. Because the diet will be good nutrition for life. A short-term diet does not help to lose weight in the stomach and remove the sides. Improper diet leads to disruption of the intestines and contributes to the accumulation in the body of toxins and harmful substances that will not keep to keep a beautiful, flat tummy.

So that the sides do not hang down, and the belly was taut and flat:

  • Forget about mayonnaise and ketchup forever!
  • Refuse sweets, roasted and smoked.
  • Never buy canned and semi-finished products.
  • We do not eat sweet yogurts, full-fat milk and fatty kefir.

Diets for the abdomen and sides: the rules of nutrition

  1. Divide your portion into 3 parts. Eat only 2/3 of them.Try to eat a little bit, but 6 times a day. Eating does not mean snacking, think about the foods you eat.
  2. During the meal, do not rush! Think about food, eat slowly, chew everything. In no case can not eat in front of the TV, computer or reading. In this case, the body can not control how much you have eaten, to understand whether he ate.
  3. Never skip breakfast!
  4. Have dinner no later than 7pm.
  5. Drink plenty of water (not tea, juice and coffee, namely water), 1.5 liters per day is a must!

With the help of proper nutrition, all lose weight, but not so fast. Therefore, we offer you a few diets for the abdomen and sides, after which you undertake to eat right! Otherwise, there is no sense in losing weight.

Kefir diet for the abdomen and sides

Diet must be observed for 5 days. For breakfast, drink 1.5 cups of kefir with a small slice of rye bran bread. For lunch, drink 3 cups of kefir. And for dinner - 1.5 cups of kefir with two rye crackers. In between food, drink as much water as possible. Such a diet is contraindicated for people with gastritis and ulcers. Yes, and an ordinary person 5 of these days will not recover health. Therefore, we proceed to a more humane diet.

Uniform diet for the abdomen and sides

The basis of the diet - buckwheat. This diet will be very beneficial for health, because buckwheat contains many vitamins of group B and P, as well as mineral substances: potassium, magnesium and others.

The diet itself is simple and consists of one fasting day, so you need to eat only buckwheat porridge all day. But cook buckwheat is not necessary. Just brew a glass of cereal with two glasses of boiling water. Now wrap and put in the heat for 10 hours (it is good to leave this healing porridge at night). But the diet is not so simple, salt and seasoning will have to be abandoned altogether. But it is allowed to add a little soy sauce or lemon juice to buckwheat. From drinking during the diet, use only water and low-fat kefir. Try to drink more.

Get rid of stretch marks after a diet for the abdomen and sides

Often after a sharp weight loss stretch marks appear on the skin. To get rid of them and make the stomach flat, not sagging and thinner, you must use a variety of oils. For example, add 0.5 drops of vitamin E to 0.5 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Now apply it on the skin of the abdomen and sides and actively massage these areas until the oil is absorbed. This massage has a good effect on the person's figure.You can apply this method to other problem areas on the body.

We also remind you that eating one�s diet and diets alone does not bring one�s stomach or side. Without exercise is not enough. Perform exercises on the press:

  1. Straight twisting, raising the legs and shoulders so that the back was pressed tightly to the floor. This exercise helps to strengthen the upper abdomen.
  2. Reverse twisting, bending the legs and lifting the lower back from the floor. This exercise helps to strengthen the lower abdomen.