Dessert from rhubarb and oranges

Dessert of rhubarb and oranges- a step-by-step culinary recipe. This dessert is a variation of the old Norwegian recipe. There he used forest berries, but also with citrus rhubarb is perfectly friendly, successfully combining sour and sweet taste.


  1. 500 grams of rhubarb;
  2. 100 g of sugar;
  3. 5 g of gelatin;
  4. 200 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice;
  5. candied orange peels;
  6. whipped cream;
  7. ground cinnamon.


Soak gelatin in 4 tbsp. l. cold water. Cut the rhubarb into pieces 1-1.5 cm. Put into a saucepan, pour cold water so that it barely covers the rhubarb. Add sugar and mix. Bring to a boil, completely dissolve the sugar and cook over medium heat until soft, 10 minutes.

Flip the rhubarb on a sieve, return the broth to the pan. Add gelatin, stir until dissolved. Pour in orange juice, mix thoroughly.

Put the rhubarb into a rectangular shape with an even layer 5-6 cm thick. Fill it with orange-gelatinous liquid.Refrigerate, 1 h.

Garnish with whipped cream, candied fruit and cinnamon before serving.