Design a dress for the wedding with their own hands - a reality that allowed to shine

The desire to look irresistible on your own wedding day is the first step towards the realization of your plans. Seeing in the catalog a designer dress that turned out to be too expensive, the girl decided to make her own wedding dress with her own hands. Her ingenuity can only envy. She managed to create a dress that looked no worse, and maybe even better than those that are presented in the salons.

The first step - the creation of a dummy, exactly repeating the figure of a T-shirt and an adhesive tape

Chest volume added using cups

The first notes, which allowed to assess how successful the dummy

A little effort and cotton lining ready

It's time to go to create the dress pattern

Bra straps come in handy

Modeling an open back is not an easy task.

At first it looked like this.

It remains to add lining cups

Lining in finished form

To secure this piece of cloth, I had to use help.

Without grooves also not done

Sewing lace, it was decided to organza, which became the perfect foundation

The lace worn on the poncho principle allowed to do without shoulder seams

Creating a silhouette - hard work

I had to sew a piece to piece and always dock the pattern.

The result is a smart back ...

... and an amazing wedding dress!

This bride was able to prove that the desire to look luxurious feasible.