Decoupage for beginners or napkin technique

Decoupage for beginnersToday, handmade products are highly valued and in great demand: original gifts, interior items, clothes. But trying to do some thing with your own hands, it becomes clear that not everything works as well as we would like. Somewhere there is not enough patience, somewhere skills, somewhere knowledge, and after all so much you want exclusive things.
One of the easiest and fascinating ways to create original things is decoupage. This is a kind of application, but made by a special technology, the result is a drawing that looks more like an artistic painting. Decoupage technique is an easy way to create unique and spectacular decoration objects with your own hands. If you are not familiar with this type of decoration, you should start with decoupage technique for beginners.

A bit of history

What is decoupage? "Decoupage" is literally translated from French as "cut". Decoupage technique itself is a decoration with the help of paper drawings.For the first time this method of decoration appeared as early as the XII century, it was invented by Chinese peasants. They took thin paper with colorful drawings and pasted it on different pieces of furniture.
This original decoration method came to Europe later - in the XVIII century. During this period, the fashion for Oriental motifs appeared, and lacquered Chinese furniture with original drawings began to appear in European countries. Sellers could not meet the rapidly growing demand for such furniture, so there was a need for the production of "fakes". As a result, masters in Europe quickly mastered the decoupage technique, and in quality it was not worse than the Chinese. This technology was also used to create their masterpieces by Picasso and Matisse.
Decoupage for beginners

Decoupage technique for beginners

Today, for this method of decoration most often use three-layer napkins, which is why decoupage is also called napkin technique. At first glance it seems that you can decorate with napkins? But in fact, almost everything. With this technique, even the most ordinary thing can be turned into a real work of art.
Decoupage for beginners
With the help of decoupage you can decorate:

  • flower pots;
  • dishes;
  • pieces of furniture;
  • musical instruments;
  • clothes;
  • books;
  • caskets, etc.

The surface for decoration can be wooden, metal, ceramic, plaster, cardboard, textile, leather. The choice is huge. The only thing worth considering is that the surface color should not be very dark, so that the pattern with a thin napkin stands out well.
Decoupage for beginners

What you need to decoupage

This method of decoration is quite simple, and a large number of scrap materials will not be required.
What you need for decoupage for beginners:

  1. The object of decoration.
  2. Napkins. Today there is a fairly large number of art stores with a huge selection of ornaments, patterns and drawings. It is better to use special napkins, so the decor turns out more beautiful and will be more durable.
  3. Special scissors. They should be small in size with sharpened ends and very sharp, it will be convenient to cut even the smallest elements.
  4. Brush You will need a flat semi-rigid brush, the width is chosen from the size of the picture, for small ones it will be 1-2 cm.
  5. Special glue to glue the design to the surface.
  6. Varnish for decoupage, which will protect the drawing from environmental influences.