Crochet sarafan and bolero

Knit crochet sundress and bolero- a nice sundress and lace bolero, crocheted. Knitting has a detailed description and pattern.

Materials and tools:


  1. yarn (100% cotton, 400m / 100g) 300g on the dress and 200g on the bolero;
  2. hook number 2.5;
  3. secret zipper 12 cm.




  1. rev. - air loop;
  2. Art. b / n - column without nakida;
  3. Art. c / n - double crochet.


Pattern Description


Knitting description

Knit dress

Hiring knit with bodice. For one cup, we recruit 38 births, we knit   st. c / n 13 rows. Then we divide the work in half and then knit only 19 loops of another 19 rows.

We fold the part, as shown in the pattern, aligning the points A. We perform the seam.

We knit the second cup symmetrically.

Openwork insert

We knit from the bottom up. We collect 162 airborne points, knit 17 rows with an openwork pattern according to Scheme 1. We fold the detail in half, the cut should be on the left side.

Front Hem

We knit on the lower edge of the front part of the openwork insert st. s / n, evenly adding in the first row 10 tbsp. s / n = 91 column. For side bevels we add on each side 1 column in each 2 rows. With a hem length of 40 cm (or another desired length) we finish the work.

Back of the hem

We knit the same way.


Sew on and bind with the hook of the calf of the bodice to the upper edge of the openwork insert. Sew a secret zipper. Perform side seams hem. The bottom edge of the hem is tied with a border according to Scheme 2. We tie the bodice at the edge of art. s / n, while at the same time tying up straps from 140 episodes in the upper corners. + 1 row of Art. b / n.

Knitting bolero

Before you begin, make a full-sized cut of each part.


We collect 96 airs, knit with an openwork pattern according to Scheme 3. For the lateral bevels, add along the edges on both sides of 2 tbsp. s / n in every 2 row. At a height of 19 cm from the edge of the set we start to knit straight and after 16 cm we finish the work.


We collect 47 airwaves, we knit with an openwork pattern according to Scheme 3. At the same time, we perform all additions and subtractions in accordance with the pattern.

We knit another shelf symmetrically.


We carry out the shoulder seams. At the edge of the armhole (the width of the armhole is 32 cm - 16 cm on each side) we sew 1 row   st. b / n and then knit according to Scheme 3. At the same time we perform a decrease at the edges for bevel sleeves in accordance with the pattern.


We perform the seams of the sleeves and the side seams. The neckline, the edges of the shelves, the bottom edge of the product and the sleeves are tied with 1 side by side. b / n. For ties knit 2 chains of air. length 15 cm, fixing along the edges of the shelves at the level of the beginning of the bevel of the neck.