Conversations on souls: Ekaterina Krasavina about growing thin, a correct delivery and phitonies

Champion of the Cup of Russia and Eastern Europe - 2015, champion of Power Pro Show 2014, expert of the project "Lose Weight with" StarHit "", fitness trainer and just a beautiful girl! All this is about Catherine Krasavina. Eight years ago, having gained 30 kilograms after giving birth, Katya firmly took hold of herself and regained her former form. But to lose weight a little, the main thing is to keep the result. She told about this and many other things in an interview with SUNMAG.

Katya, you have a personal weight loss experience. Tell me where you started?

After birth, I added about 30 kilograms. For some reason I thought that I would throw off the excess instantly. I imagined that 30 kg is the weight of the child plus water, but the reality disappointed ... I left the hospital with a weight of about 80 kg with a height of 165 cm! Even mom, who always tried to feed them with cakes, saw me, said: "Daughter, you need to lose weight."I started by ordering dumbbells and a simple ellipse trainer. She also promised herself not to buy clothes of 48-50 size.

How did you eat?

There was nothing unusual. It's simple. In general, did not eat sweet and flour. The basis of the ration was cereals, vegetables, lean meat and fish.

What exercises did you do? In general, how to deal with in order to achieve maximum results?

There are lots of exercises, it is difficult to even list, and the point is not in them, but in the system approach. It is not enough to plow in the hall, you need to eat right. If you work on yourself in the complex, the result will not keep you waiting. I was pushing the barbell, which stood at home, was engaged with dumbbells, elastic bands, weights. Plus an ellipse. She did lunges and squats. I did an hour every day while my daughter was sleeping. As a result, for the year lost 28 kg.

Many girls are afraid to go to the gym, they think that in a few months they will have pumped thighs and arms ... Is that true?

The hormonal system of a woman is not designed for large muscular volumes. This is physiology. And the point. The muscles of a woman grow very slowly and quickly lose their tone due to hormonal levels. To become a man, you need many years of regular training.

Here you are muscular, but at the same time miniature, although you are joking about the subject of a male figure, but I saw you live! How do you manage to keep that shape?

So I do not seem miniature for some reason. But let's hope that from the outside know. The answer is simple and logical: intensive training and nutrition. I have everything debugged and stable for a long time, without failures, so the form is in order. Important consistency.

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What do you think about sports nutrition and diet bars, cereals, etc.?

Of course, I eat it all and love it. For example, a candy bar can replace a sweet, but the product is different. Carefully read the labels, often from the dietary in it only the name. In general, now there are a lot of useful recipes based on sugar substitutes, you can cook yourself delicious and healthy. The same stevia is sold everywhere.

But what to do when in cold weather, as it is now, always want sweet and harmful?

I don’t want to, I don’t even know ... I like to drink coffee in such weather or hot tea! There you can add lemons, oranges and sea buckthorn. Believe me, after such a drink, the desire to devour the cake weakens.

Although sometimes you make indulgences - the so-called cheat-mil? What do you spoil yourself with?

At will, I do cheat-mila, as there are guests, holidays. When I can, I try not to stand out from the company. Nothing wrong with once a week, provided the regime, training and proper nutrition, does not happen. And baluyu itself is always different. I can eat both sushi and a juicy burger with a chop in a restaurant, but never in fast food.

Cach, and it so happens that you recover? How do you dump?

In the offseason (between bodybuilding competitions), I consistently gain 3-4 kg. Get rid of elementary: reduce the amount of carbohydrates and increase the intensity of the workout.

What is your ideal weight?

Not guided by weight, solely on the mirror. Now in the body I have 25.8 kg of muscles per 59 kg of weight. I can add a couple of kilograms, but due to the muscles I will look better and drier than at 59. That's how difficult it is with me.

You wrote to Instsgram recently that drying still wears the body ...

On drying, fruit and a number of other products are excluded. The body receives few vitamins and carbohydrates. And the load at the same time increase. Being in such a state for a long time is harmful and unnecessary.

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Are there products that should be abandoned once and for all if you dream of a good figure? And what, on the contrary, must be present in the menu?

First, you need to forget about sugar and all the products that contain it. Secondly, refrain from baking wheat flour. Third, say goodbye to fast food. Fourth, with fatty meat. Fifthly, with canned and modified foods, including all sausages and other products, it is not clear what they are made of. And here is a good list: 1) vegetables, because fiber helps to lose weight; 2) fish and seafood rich in omega-3 oils; 3) Cereals with a low glycemic index, such as oatmeal and buckwheat.

Is it possible to lose weight without sports?

Of course, it is possible, but the elastic body will not be without training.

Do you believe people who say they eat little, but are they overweight?

Perhaps a person has a disturbed metabolism for some reason. Before starting work, I always ask to be tested for various disorders and pathologies. If everything is in order, then someone just eats too much. There is no third - it is physiology.

How many kilograms per month to lose weight is the norm?

Weight can go undulating.As a rule, in the first month many people easily lose two kilograms. Then the process may slow down. But generally, 1.5–2 kg per month is the norm. True, a lot depends on the initial weight. Slim man is much harder to lose weight than plump.

In weight loss, the main “centimeter” is a scale or is it clothing?

If a person is not an athlete and just wants to lose weight, then, of course, scales. What is the point of measuring something if there are no muscles?

It is true that if a girl wants a thin waist, then you need not to press the press, but to review the food? What's the secret?

If you want a thin waist, and you naturally have wide ribs, then, unfortunately, nothing will help anymore - at least press the press, at least not eat it. Of course, the waistline will decrease, but never an aspen. In general, the secret to the combination of training and nutrition 50/50.

That is, you do not agree with the common phrase that losing weight success is 80% nutrition and 20% sport?

I would say that 50 to 50! But you're all about losing weight, but in me this term causes a contradiction. You can lose weight without any sport. But to get a beautiful elastic body with a press and buttocks only due to nutritional restrictions is impossible. For this you need to bring food and training in a certain balance, develop an individual system that suits you.

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How do you treat cosmetic procedures? Now there are different wrappings, lipolysis, cryosaunas in the trend ...

It's all I did not do, so it's hard to say. I go for a massage and really love it. For me personally, there is nothing better than a strong manual massage. I usually visit Thai salons and ask not to pity me.

How do you manage to combine work with motherhood - ex-husband helps?

It helps a little, but thanks for that. It happens when husbands completely disappear. We are fine. Dad loves daughter, and this is important. They communicate and are often seen. I am quite easily able to combine the work and upbringing of my daughter. I have a very good governess who has been working for us for a long time. Grandmother also helps. Of course, I don’t manage to spend much time with the child, but I’m not a housewife - the only breadwinner in our small family. Vasilisa understands everything. In the evening we are always together.

Tell me about your daughter. She went to you, as active and athletic ...

Vasilisa is now 8 years old. With the sport had to temporarily tie because of a broken arm and elbow injury at the gym. Until she wants to go to class.Now we are actively engaged in vocal and English. Childhood is a wonderful period when you can search for yourself, try new things. Then there will be no time.

How do you feel about the concept of "fitoni"? How do you react when they call you that?

From the age of "nyashki" I have already left. Funny word, in my opinion. They call me that rarely.

You recently flew to Austria, where you took a course in a detox clinic. What did you do there?

The clinic is located in the Alps. This is a medical spa. Went there for detox and rest after a busy season. Eating is like what I usually eat at home. Meals are cooked in a double boiler or grilled. In the diet a lot of vegetables and cereals. Also underwent various procedures, made vitamin droppers. In a word, I had a great rest and was charged for further accomplishments.