Causes of pain in the left side under the ribs

The human body is designed in such a way that in the case of an early manifestation of a disease or a disorder of one of the systems, it is able to signal a problem. Pain is exactly the signal that allows you to understand - there is a problem that requires diagnosis and treatment. Leaving it out is not worth it, otherwise you risk running into serious complications.

Pain in the left side under the ribs is a common phenomenon, and can talk about the appearance of various problems. Many people mistakenly believe that heart problems are the only cause. But this is far from the case. It is best to immediately seek medical advice, but do not forget to listen to yourself in order to understand where the center of unpleasant cramps is located and, as a result, it occurs.

Causes of appearance depending on the nature of sensations

To understand why there really are painful sensations in the rib area, it is worthwhile to determine their nature.

  1. Pricking in the left hypochondrium.If they appear as a result of active physical exertion (running, brisk walking, after playing sports), then you should not worry, their reason is a lack of warm-up before exercise or abrupt physical activity. They will pass in a while on their own.
  2. Aching pain under the rib. Such a symptom already indicates the presence of problems with the stomach (in particular, gastritis or ulcer). In addition to colic, additional symptoms appear - lack of appetite, vomiting, unpleasant belching. Also, sometimes this feeling can signal a malfunction of the pancreas, which is accompanied by vomiting, nausea and fever.
  3. Blunt pain. In the case of its periodic appearance for a long time, it is worth contacting a gastroenterologist. It can be a consequence of the development of chronic gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis.
  4. Cutting pain syndrome. It is a reason for urgent treatment to the doctor, especially if it appears suddenly. This symptom indicates serious damage to internal organs: pancreatitis, spleen rupture, abdominal heart attack.

Causes of appearance depending on the location

You should also pay attention to the specific place where tingling or rez.

  • Left hypochondrium front. Most likely, unpleasant sensations are caused by diseases of the spleen or lesion of the stomach tissues. If it moves closer to the center, gallbladder disease is possible. Also it can be a signal about a serious problem - a heart attack. In this case, the person, in addition to the stabbing syndrome, also feels propped up.
  • Left hypochondrium behind. This suggests kidney problems. If the colic is harsh and is very difficult to tolerate, this is renal colic. The result of aching sensations is an increase in the organ.

Another cause of pain in this area is spinal osteochondrosis. An unpleasant feeling, as a rule, appears only at a certain time - after a dream or a long sitting / standing in an uncomfortable position.

  • Shingles pain Cutting syndrome, which captures the left subcostal space and goes to the front wall of the abdomen, can be caused by inflammation of the pancreas.

The pain cannot be tolerated; it requires immediate medical attention.Timely consultation of a specialist and diagnosis will allow to establish the cause, prescribe the necessary treatment and prevent possible complications.

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