Carrot Pancakes: Step-by-step recipes

Some vegetables are healthier to use in a thermally processed form. Carrots are one of them. Especially bright and tender carrot pancakes. And how to cook them, we will tell in this article.

carrot fritters
Carrot pancakes can be served separately or as a side dish.
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Carrot5 gramsMilk150 millilitersChicken eggs2 pieces)Manka dry60 gramsSugar1 tbsp.Butter2 tbsp.
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:10 minutes

Using a fragrant mini pancake for both cheeks, a person does not even think that there is beta-carotene in this vegetable (carrot is called “carote” in Latin). It has a lot of dietary fiber, it was used to combat diseases of the oral cavity.

The Portuguese gave the vegetable a “title” of fruit in order to produce jams for export. It’s good that in the domestic markets it’s a lot raw, you can cook anything! For example, delicious pancakes ...

Such pancakes can be cooked quickly and almost effortlessly.

How to cook carrots fritters

It takes an effort only to rub the carrots.

  1. Need her - 0.5 kg.
  2. A small glass of milk (150 g) is also added there.
  3. Standard is the recipe with 2 eggs.
  4. Instead of flour, 60 g of dry monkey are sent to the dough.
  5. Do not do without salt (to taste), sugar (if carrots are not sweet, 1 tablespoon) and two - butter in the dough.

It is possible that the blank has stood a little, then the semolina will increase in size. If there is no time to wait - welcome to the pan!

For faster cooking pancakes covered (during frying). Served with sour cream, honey, jam or just like that.

Fine Pancakes

Gourmets will be happy carrot pancakes with cheese.

  1. “Sun” root need less - only 0.4 kg (grated).
  2. Separately beat 2 eggs.
  3. 50g of grated cheese are also introduced there (Parmesan or its analogs can be used - this is “Djugas”, “Swiss cheese”, any solid sort of Russian producer).
  4. Also need 30 grams of flour and 50 ml of cream.

All this is mixed, salted to taste and laid out on a pre-heated pan with the addition of a pair of spoons of vegetable oil - refined sunflower or olive.

After cooking, served carrot pancakes with dressing (low-fat sour cream or yogurt mixed with garlic and greens). If desired, add cumin or other spices.

Such a dinner will be to the taste of not only the health-conscious girl (carrots and cheese are a great combination of calcium and vitamins A and D). Men, too, will not refuse to eat delicious, but simply cooked snack.

Grandma's Carrot Pancake Recipe

And carrot-apple pancakes will find their fans.

  1. The company of 3 pieces of carrots will be 2 apples.
  2. To the ground vegetables and fruits add 2 tablespoons of flour.
  3. Drive 3 eggs.
  4. For lovers of sweet, you will need to add sugar (more than 2 tablespoons is not worth it).

On a preheated frying pan with 4 spoons of vegetable oil spread the dough and bake to a crust. Decent breakfast or snack is ready.

Pancakes made from carrots are a boring dish. They can diversify lunch school student, a snack at work or an unusual romantic dinner in the style of a la "Plaid. Favorite. TV".

Preparing pancakes, you can turn a person's understanding of carrots as an ordinary root vegetable. And the owner in her address will hear more than one compliment.