Carp in sour cream

You will need
  • - 1 PC. carp;
  • - 1 PC. lemon;
  • - 2 pcs. medium tomato;
  • - 100 g fresh salad;
  • - 100 g of dill;
  • - 100 g of parsley;
  • - 20 g of flour;
  • - 300 g sour cream;
  • - 1 PC. egg;
  • - 150 g butter;
  • - 50 g breadcrumbs;
  • - salt to taste.
To start, cook greens. Rinse the salad in cold running water, remove the roots and hang in a shaded place down the leaves. The salad should dry well, but not crumple and not tack, it will be needed to decorate the dish. Dill and parsley, rinse well and let them dry a little. Dried greens are very finely chopped. You can use a vegetable cutter or chop in a blender.
Rinse the carp well and clean it with a sharp knife. Make a cut in the abdomen and remove the insides. Rinse again. Head and tail do not cut with them the fish looks more impressive on the table. Make a few small cuts on the ridge and a few slanting over the large bones.
Whisk the egg in a blender. Dip the fish or coat it with a beaten egg, roll in flour and a little in breadcrumbs.Salt, if desired, add a little ground pepper. Melt the butter on a hot skillet and fry the carp in it until a golden crust appears.
Add some flour to the butter, fry. Add chopped greens and a little water. When the water boils, dilute with sour cream, salt a little and put the carp again in the pan. Simmer the fish for twenty minutes, then turn it over, add water and simmer for another ten minutes.
Put the lettuce leaves on the dish, gently straighten them, slice the lemon and tomatoes, put it over the salad. In the center, place the fish.