Can I leave the rooms?

Ivan Orlov
Ivan Orlov
December 28, 2012
Can I leave the rooms?

Since April 2011, the changes made to the Rules for the registration of motor vehicles entered into force. In particular, the amended rules state whether it is possible to leave the numbers and sell the car without removing it from the register. Now it is allowed in the event that the seller and the new owner of the car have a residence permit of the same region of Russia, they decided by mutual agreement to leave the vehicle with its previous license plates.

The renewal process

If you describe the whole process of buying and selling a car and its subsequent design, then it looks like this:

  1. The contract of sale and commission. In the passport of the vehicle are entered new data. After that, the seller may be free.
  2. A CTP policy is issued in the name of the new owner.
  3. Numbers are taken from the car, an application is filled in asking whether it is possible to leave the old numbers. All documents are submitted to the first registration window. List of documents:
    • PTS;
    • commission agreement;
    • contract of sale;
    • certificate of registration of the vehicle, issued to the previous owner;
    • passport;
    • MTPL policy of the new owner;
    • both shot numbers.
  4. Back you get a completed application for registration actions, along with a package of documents, a receipt for payment of state duty and an extract from the databases.
  5. Pay the receipt.
  6. To check the numbers you drive the car to the site.
  7. You return documents to the MREO with all the marks on the suitability of license plates and the verification of the numbers of the units.
  8. Get a new registration certificate and TCP.

Advantages when saving license plates

When you save the old license plates, the seller may not deregister his vehicle. It is enough for him to just put his signature on the contract of sale and receive the amount due. The main burden of care will fall on the shoulders of the buyer. The buyer also does not have to spend money on new license plates, and the process of paperwork itself will take less time, since there is no need to register the vehicle, but only need to re-register it with the new owner.By the way, and saving money here. Yes, and time savings, too, since its main losses are reduced to waiting for their turn.