Boyarsky confessed why he was ashamed of his daughter

The chief musketeer told about his family and why he did not like everything.

Petersburg can not be imagined without Mikhail Boyarsky. The actor is a true symbol of the city. But she always tries to keep family affairs behind locks. Suddenly, the chief musketeer of the country was drawn to the revelations. About the family, about the profession, he told the students of St. Petersburg State University in the framework of the project "In St. Petersburg - you can ALL!".

Photo: Mikhail Sadchikov Jr.

It was not a boring lecture for an hour and a half. A very fascinating story about life, with almost no bills.

“You need to be in love with the profession and understand that this old goat with a hat will soon go away, then you will give everyone a light!” - Boyarsky said not without a share of self-irony.

Through the actor’s stories and sadness, he stressed several times that “there will be no better”, and then only “decrepitude”, “old age”, “loss of loved ones”.

“You don’t listen to me, I’m already old, I don’t like everything, I don’t like everything,” the musketeer recovered unexpectedly and started talking about his family, a light flashed in his eyes.

About daughter

“As a child, she did not shine with knowledge, didn’t do anything and brought eight twos. But towards the end of my studies I took my mind and began to please me. I wanted Lisa to go to journalism, get her tutors, and then go on tour. He returned - and she is already in the theater. When I was gone, my mother for some reason led her there on an open day, where Lisa saw these shalopai free and cheerful, and she went to the sect to Dodin. I warned that it is very difficult and did not lift a finger to help her.

About son

“Sergey was distant from his relatives. He has his own path, he has a policy. But he, unlike mom and dad, has brains. ”

About grandson

“My grandson is the most important thing for me today, when I stay with him, I understand that someone else is needed! Of course, I allow him what others do not allow, for that I carry the proud title of "friend."

About wife

“Roles in performances, cinema - it's all good. But family is more important. And Larisa (the wife of the actor Larisa Luppian, - ed.) Understands this. She could have many times more filming, theatrical productions, but she chose a family. ”

November 28, 2016Mikhail Sadchikov Jr.