Boy or girl 59-year-old Alec Baldwin will be the father for the fifth time

33-year-old spouse of a Hollywood actor announced pregnancy and declassified the floor of the future baby.

Age is not a hindrance to children. Here's a proof for you: Alec Baldwin seems to be young in body and soul. On the threshold of the 60th anniversary (the anniversary of the actor will be celebrated in April of next year), Hollywood macho is preparing to become a father again. For the fifth time! His wife, 33-year-old Hilary Baldwin, recently shared good news with subscribers on Instagram.

“Little Baldwins are preparing to take on another member of their team,” wrote the mother of many children under a photo in which three children listened to what the baby does in her stomach. Hillary added that additions are expected in the spring.

Nov 3 2017 at 10:21 pdt

Hilary didn’t torment the followers for a long time and soon told them who the three kids with Alek, a brother or sister, are waiting for them. As expected, no one began to report anything to the forehead. Baked a special cake "name of the ultrasound results."Cut the cake - you will know the sex of the future baby. If the filling is blue, wait for the boy. If pink - you understand. My daughter and two sons Alec and Hilary were waiting for more, mom decided not to tell. Maybe they do not care if only the baby was born as soon as possible. But they followed the cutting of the cake with bated breath.

And now the hour X has come. What is inside? See for yourself!

Nov 4 2017 at 12:08 pm PDT

Yes, Baldwin will have a boy again. Hilary's courage can only be envied: after all, she recently gave birth to a third time. The youngest son of Alec and Hilary, Leonardo, was born last September. The average, Raphael, was two years old in the summer. And the eldest, baby Carmen, is already four - she is the most adult. Not counting, of course, the daughter of Alec from marriage with Kim Baysinger. Ayrlend turned 22.

How Hilary is going to handle such a horde of little tomboy is incomprehensible to the mind. Maybe the parents decided that their little Raphael and Leonardo were missing from the Michelangelo team? But it seems that mother of many children does not frighten anything.

“Our children bring us so much joy! In addition, I feel that I simply have to bring more beautiful people into this world, ”Hilary wrote, explaining how she ventured into another child.

By the way, in appearance of this miniature brunette it is impossible to guess that she already has three children. Hilary a year after the birth of Leonardo managed to achieve a stunning shape. Probably, the thing is that Mrs. Baldwin is seriously engaged in yoga: she regularly publishes photos from classes. Throw that during pregnancy she is clearly not going to.