Beauty Secrets of Real Geishas

For sure, many people know about the existence of such a wondrous profession, but they have some mistaken opinions on this matter. "Geisha are not courtesans and not wives ..." - so say the words of one popular feature film, which very clearly reveals all the secret corners of life of these famous representatives of the country of the Rising Sun. Who are geishas?

There is an erroneous opinion that the main duties of geishas are services of an intimate kind. First of all, these girls are meant to create art, a secret world, beauty and harmony, which are borrowed for money.

Neither the wife nor the mistress will ever be able to become such a living work of art as a geisha, it’s not for nothing that they have been taught all the subtleties of this science from early childhood. They are able to satisfy aesthetic impulses, even their brilliant knowledge in dance and music was not always the primary responsibility.

The main duty of these mysterious women - it is interesting to entertain and entertain the conversation, learn how to recreate at the meetings a pleasant and trustful atmosphere that is able to relax and defuse the situation.

Geisha is the personification of feminine beauty, a certain ideal of femininity and grace, a combination of mystery and unchangeable dignity. That's why from the very childhood little pupils learned the secrets of geisha beauty: they learn the makeup technique, learn to look after the skin and hair properly, they are taught the taste that helps them choose the most beautiful kimono.

The beauty of Japanese geisha is not only visual, it is also hidden in a rich inner world, which is also deeply developed from the very beginning of learning: the art of good manners, playing various musical instruments, dancing, the ability to collect ikebans, calligraphy, tea ceremony, that is important, the ability to conduct a conversation.

Geisha should always have a positive attitude, to see everything beautiful, for this, from the very childhood girls spend a lot of time in gardens and flower gardens, learning a beautiful, through his contemplation, a real geisha must understand the harmony between man and nature.

Modern Japanese geisha, who really belong to the real representatives of this profession, absolutely adhere to all laws, they usually come from Japanese aristocratic families.The girls who are given up for education and training become very educated and intelligent, many years and a lot of money are spent on their education and training.

A real Japanese can always distinguish a genuine geisha from a "false" one. The fact is that the real geisha especially tie the obi, the belt on the kimono, which has a knot on the back, not to untie and tie it without third-party, and that is important, knowing, help.

After all, the ability to choose and wear a kimono is a whole art that has been studied for more than one year.

Fake geisha tie a belt in front, so that it does not cause any particular trouble when undressing.

Of course, it would be foolish to say that geishas did not have any sexual relations, and also did not know the intricacies of intimate life, because Japan, as you know, is a country that does not perceive sexual relations as something grossly forbidden.

In Japan, the ban on accompanying their husbands to wives at important meetings and events reigned, where they could be replaced by a geisha. Some girls achieved such popularity that they received offers of the hand and heart from their clients.But it is interesting that not every woman wanted to go down to the “earthly” rank of his wife, preferring to stay somewhere above.

But at the same time, it is not a secret that Japanese geishas could have their patrons who gave them expensive gifts, paid her bills, and also had some privileges in communicating with a geisha, however, according to Japanese masters, they always had the right to choose man.

Beauty secrets

It is known that the real geisha possessed the secrets of a special gait and movements, which, with proper movements and a strict posture, could attract much attention to her figure.

By the way, the correct posture helps her to maintain a wide belt that kings kimono, covering the chest of a young geisha.

These mysterious girls were taught the skill of seductive gait, as well as the ability to take elegant postures during tea drinking or other activities. The movements are always distinguished by slowness, they are smooth and cautious, it seems that the girl is swimming, listening to special music.

Particular attention is always paid to the hands and feet, because these parts of the body play an important role in the ability toto interest a man, for example, when a geisha served the tea ceremony or played a musical instrument.

Legs played an important role in making love, a man always paid attention to them. That is why geisha waged daily foot care: they made hot baths with various oils, pedicure, and mandatory foot and body massage, which improves blood circulation, making it possible to prolong youth.

How do they care for themselves?

Of course, an important aspect is the visual picture, which is why the geishas tried, as long as possible, to preserve their beauty and youth, that they did well.

First of all, this was achieved through proper nutrition, which included a large amount of fish and seafood, boiled rice and soybeans, fruits and vegetables, green tea. Of the sweets most often preferred fruit desserts.

Self-care is a special mystery that has been guarded for a long time inside their own world. Daily care included a morning hot bath, cleansing the body with various detergents that necessarily contained rice flour and olive oil.

For evening geisha face skin care, a bag of rice flour was used, which was dipped in hot water for a couple of minutes and then washed with it. This procedure contributed to the skin whitening, which was very important for the Japanese.

They perfectly mastered the art of makeup, in order to further emphasize their coquetry. White velvety skin, a clear black eye contour, and bright lips are the distinguishing features of a Japanese geisha.

There are no similar analogues among European countries, therefore the art of geisha remains for our peoples something mysterious. They say that to see modern geisha on the streets of Japan is not an easy task, and if you are lucky enough to see their dance, then, consider this to be the height of luck.

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