Beautiful vase for flowers from a wine (beer) bottle

Beautiful flower vase from a wine (beer) bottlewith your own hands - in the master class you will learn how to turn an ordinary beer or wine bottle into a beautiful flower vase.

Materials and tools:

  1. clean beer or wine bottle;
  2. glue;
  3. yarn (the color of your choice).

Step 1

Take a bottle, apply a strip of glue just below the neck and wrap 2-3 turns of yarn on the glue. Hold the yarn coils until the glue starts to seize.

Step 2

After the glue has gripped, we begin to wind the yarn on the bottle, tightly lay the coil to the coil so that there are no gaps, and we stretch it well so that the yarn does not slip.

When we get to the place where the neck goes into the wide part of the bottle, apply a few more strips of glue (so that the yarn is wound well at the bend), wrap the yarn over it and wait until the glue grabs.

Step 3

We continue to wind the yarn to the end of the bottle; the closer to the bottom of the bottle, the better. If necessary, use the glue to fix the yarn. When we have reached the bottom of the bottle, we will apply a strip of glue, from the top we will make a coil or a round of coil, cut the yarn and glue the end of the yarn to the bottle. Hold it until the glue sets, then leave the vase until the glue dries.