Bear disease

Bear diseaseBear disease has nothing to do with wild forest animals. Except for the name and symptoms. It appears in people with a weak nervous system and intestines. In medical circles, it is even referred to as irritable bowel syndrome. Treatment of a bear disease is a matter of several specialists: a therapist, a gastroenterologist, a neurologist, and even a psychiatrist.


The former will eliminate organic matter, while the latter will work with the causes of uncontrolled diarrhea. It should be noted that the disease is a protective reaction of the body to excessive irritation for it, therefore, it will not be possible to cure this disease with conventional remedies for intestinal upset.

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Symptoms and causes of bearish disease


Symptoms bear disease has a fairly recognizable: the intestine fails during the exciting events. Especially often manifested bear disease with fear. Some are afraid to enter into negotiations with the chef, some - to lose loved ones, miss on a date or an exam, others - are afraid of serious events in general.


Eastern medicine considers the main causes of a bearish disease:


- nervous exhaustion;
- weakness of the body's systems (digestive and nervous);
- suppression of negative emotions and inability to cope with them.


Since a bearish disease is a very unpleasant phenomenon that arises at the most inappropriate and crucial moments, the question of most sufferers is understandable: “How to deal with a bearish disease?”


Treatment methods


Before making the final diagnosis, the patient is usually subjected to a standard interview and examination procedure. He is also prescribed tests for dysbacteriosis. There are several ways to treat a bear disease. The drug method involves symptomatic treatment: eliminating diarrhea and taking sedatives. Psychological measures of influence imply training a person for self-control, work on eliminating his fears, eradicating the causes of trouble.


Bear disease: treatment of folk remedies


With home methods, bearish disease is treated by analogy with medication. At the same time, herbs are used to soothe and strengthen the intestines, as well as drugs and decoctions. The simplest means are: strong black tea (cold), tea with mint or chicory.It is useful to take tincture of valerian, wormwood, motherwort, hawthorn.


In case of irritable bowel syndrome, it is recommended to follow a diet: stick to liquid rice or oatmeal porridge, use bread in the form of crackers, eliminate all fatty, salted, smoked, sour. In the end, we recall that the whole question: "How to get rid of a bearish disease," is solved with each person individually.