Basics of effective communication with other people

At least two people always interact (you and the other person). A contact is established between them - dialogue.

Everyone has the right to personal protection of borders and rights, but not everyone is aware of and defends. The word "privacy" in English means "privacy, personal space." Unfortunately, the Russian people lack respect in this aspect. And this is not surprising, since for many centuries people have been subject to invasions and disrespect, which is why people not only do not protect their rights, but also unconsciously are guided by directly opposite convictions that have been absorbed since childhood and retreat from which leads to internal resistance and fear. How is this expressed? This is manifested in the misunderstanding that:

  • everyone can defend their own interests,

  • have your opinion and express it,

  • do not meet the expectations of others

  • ask questions and do not answer the questions of others

  • has the right to say no

  • refuse to continue the conversation on a nasty subject,

  • Express your own dissatisfaction with the salary that is happening, that is, to be yourself, not like others.

Imagine a situation where you are asked for information that was entrusted to you under the heading of "confidentiality". And you, as an obedient man, begin to give out everything that only you know. Why are you doing this? Because you want to be recognized, show other people that they trust you and you are aware of some secret strategies. You can be manipulated, knowing that you are able to tell about everything, if you find the key to your ego.

Or another situation when you go to the head of the office, and he is in a rage shaking the documents that you have made. You begin to justify yourself, which causes even greater rage among the leadership. But why? Why not calmly ask a question about what your boss doesn’t like about your job, note all the mistakes and correct the work.

Your communication with other people can be effective only when you realize the rights of others to your personal space. The most important is the right to be different, not like you,have other interests, desires, motives, views, ideas and goals, that is, the right to individuality, otherness.