Atkins diet

“There is something you want and lose weight” - for many of us, this combination of words seems incredible. After all, it is often behind every kilogram dropped, so what can I say, behind every gram, there is hard work in the gym and a sharp restriction in the diet. And, nevertheless, eating well, not limiting yourself in the use of many of your favorite foods and losing those extra pounds is quite real. Atkins diet - the right decision.

Back in 1972, the book "Revolutionary Diet Actins" saw the light. Its author, cardiologist Robert Atkins, recommended readers to bring fats and proteins to the forefront, and limit carbohydrates to the maximum. The diet immediately found its fans, including the stars of Hollywood and Russia. So what is the essence of the Atkins diet?

Phases of the Robert Atkins Diet

The first phase is induction. Its main goal is to start the process of ketosis in the body, i.e. the process of splitting fat, which is the basis of the diet. The first phase is marked by the most stringent restriction on the amount of carbohydrates eaten - no more than 20 grams per day (it is important to note that "pure" carbohydrates are taken into account, i.e.carbohydrates without fiber). You can eat:

  • all types of poultry, fish, meat (including sausages without carbohydrate-containing fillers);
  • cheese with a minimum carbohydrate content;
  • animal fats, including fish oil;
  • sugar substitutes (sucrose, fructose, maltose);
  • eggs;
  • some types of plant food (greens, lettuce, Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, olives, radishes).

There are the above products can be as much as you want, but not overeating. It is recommended to drink mineral and table water, unsweetened herbal tea and drinks with sugar substitutes.

Cabbage, eggplants, artichokes, avocados, tomatoes, onions, green peas are allowed to be consumed in limited quantities.

It is recommended to eliminate artificial fats, dietary low-fat foods, alcohol and, of course, any foods high in carbohydrates (fruits, bread, cereals, sweets).

If you love any product, but doubt whether you can eat it, a special table of the Atkins diet will help you: it indicates the carbohydrate content and nutritional value of a particular product.

Stay in the first phase should be two weeks. By the way, weight loss starts from this period: in two weeks you can lose up to 4 kg. Accelerate the onset of ketosis will help exercise.

The second is the main phase of the diet. Her goal - a systematic discharge of extra pounds to the desired result. The menu on the Atkins diet you make yourself, the main thing - controlling the process of weight loss, you need to gradually increase the intake of carbohydrates. If the weight is reduced, then, if desired, the amount of carbohydrates consumed can be increased; if the process of losing weight has stopped - carbohydrate limit, respectively, lower. With the increase in the daily requirement of carbohydrates, it is gradually necessary to expand the menu. The Atkins diet does not involve the initial inclusion in the diet of sweet fruits, but now, it is even recommended: add, first of all, berries, fruits, and nuts and grains. The second phase ends when the arrow on the scales shows a figure 2 kg more than the desired result.

As soon as the figure on the scales suits you, the third phase begins - the transition to weight conservation. As a rule, in the first weeks after the end of the diet, we begin to rapidly return the lost.This happens when a person, completing a diet, returns to the former way of life - in particular, to traditional food. The goal of this phase of the Dr. Atkins diet is to develop an optimal diet, such as to preserve the gained weight over a long period of time (ideally, all subsequent life).

And finally, the last (fourth) phase of the new revolutionary Atkins diet - the phase of weight conservation. You can do this by controlling what you eat, in what quantity, and, of course, do not forget about the basic position of the Atkins diet (minimum carbohydrates). In fact, the fourth phase - for the rest of your life, because only by controlling the process of nutrition, you will be able to maintain the perfect figure. By the way, now, after the third phase of the diet, it will be easier for you to manage your weight, because you already know the body's reaction to certain products and, if necessary, you can easily adjust your diet so as to lose weight if necessary.

Atkins Diet - reviews and opinions

As a rule, the Atkins diet has only positive reviews, so every day she has more and more fans.In addition, according to experts, such a diet improves the metabolism in the human body, controls the level of sugar and just disaccustomed to the habit of pampering yourself with sugar. In addition, recipes for cooking with the Atkins diet can be very tasty due to the relative "permissiveness" in the choice of products.

And yet, if you decide to follow the Atkins diet, you should consult with a specialist before starting. Despite the apparent simplicity, the diet is very serious and is suitable only for healthy people. It is highly undesirable to stick to a diet in the presence of hormonal disruptions, as well as to people with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys, as well as diabetics. Diet during pregnancy and lactation is contraindicated.