At what age do we still become adults?

Parties until six in the morning seem to be blatant mockery, and food additives, vitamins and sleeping pills are the best inventions of mankind; you no longer quarrel with your parents and criticize the younger ones with a serious expression: "No, well, I'm at that age ..."; more often wear comfortable than beautiful clothes and finally figured out all types of existing bank deposits ... Usually, for some of these signs, we admit to ourselves, not without a sadness in the fact that we have finally matured. Does adulthood have a specific date and when do we begin to feel like adults? Curious to all life issues, British scientists and then found the answer.

In September, the Independent magazine published a public opinion poll on the topic of growing up, in which 2,000 respondents participated. It turned out that the secret age of adulthood was the turn of 29 years: the majority of respondents said that at the age of 29 they still feel young.At the same time, when they were offered to consider growing up in terms of determining factors, but not age, more than 60% expressed that such factors would be the purchase of their own housing, a wedding, and the birth of a child. “Secondary” in the list were such signs of growing up as having a bank account, home parties instead of club parties and a hobby of handmade. Given Peter Pan's syndrome, or the apparent rejection of adulthood by both 20 and 30 year olds and even 40 year olds that swept many western countries, the reverse was also a logical point in the survey - “What reasons make you not feel like an adult? ". The first lines were financial dependence on parents (42%), living together with the last (36%) and computer games (31%).

At what age do we still become adults?

Even taking into account the difference of mentalities, one can reflect on a British survey on the subject of growing up by applying it to our geographic latitudes: according to the law, a person is considered young from 14 to 30 years old, and it is the fact of changing two to three in the “Age” column and is largely determined by adulthood. Hence, the ratings “The most successful businessmen are under 30”, and the reasoning about the crisis of the 30th anniversary, and the mythically punitive “should give birth to 30, and otherwise ...” from the mouths of moms and classmates.As for the culture of consumption, we have it, as in the United Kingdom, is a powerful tool for the formation of public opinion: spend - it means no longer a child, spend large sums (for an apartment, for a country house, for a car) - it means adult. Much more interesting is the question of creating a family as a factor of growing up, because it boils down to the rhetorical about the egg and the chicken: is it worth it to marry and have children to become an adult, or is it better to feel like an adult first and then go to the “family phase” ?

At what age do we still become adults?

Anyway, each of us has its own personal signs of growing up, which we focus on, be it a more conscious approach to life and one’s own life or much more particular phenomena, such as learning to drive a car, choose the right tanner and Do not be afraid of the first dating. We could quote here again a joke about the fact that you matured when you go to the pharmacy for ibuprofen and antacid, and not for condoms and pregnancy test, but we better discuss with you three signs of moral maturity that usually come to 30 years old. and that's great!

You have accepted yourself as you are.

You finally came to the conclusion that even if your Instagram tape is filled with Victoria's Secret models, then in real life no one was dying from short legs and a small tummy. Your own traits are no longer the subject of shame, hatred or self-criticism, on the contrary, it is an individuality, a “highlight”, and you are quite comfortable with them.

Loneliness from the tragedy to the music of Kurt Cobain turned into pleasure under the girls Just Wanna Have Fun

When you were a teenager, you wanted to defiantly close in a room and suffer from melancholy rhythms; at university, loneliness was punished with the characteristic "it's kind of weird", and you could not wait to catch three parties a night, to get to know someone there. On the verge of growing up, the days that you completely devote to yourself are some kind of manna from heaven, a gift of fate, and perhaps the best days of the month.