As a caution: 15 drunk photos for the New Year

0New Year is a very joyful holiday, which is loved by both children and adults. Some adults even love too much! And with joy they can completely lose their heads.

Let's look at how it happens when the holiday is so successful that you do not think what a glass of champagne you drink. Let us be careful and prudent!

These are 15 photos that should serve as a reminder of how important moderation is in everything, especially in alcoholic beverages. Let's learn from the mistakes of others, not to commit their own!

Number 1. Even Santa Claus has difficult days!


№ 2. Drunken masquerade - the nail of the New Year program


Number 3. The girl was apparently both Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden ... tired!


№ 4. When you celebrate fun and at home


Number 5. And so the New Year passes on the streets of London!


Number 6. Sometimes New Year's Eve ends like this ... and this is for the best!


Number 7. When and pulls in the dance!


№ 8. As they say, everyone dances!


Number 9. Not all New Year's contests are equally easy!


No. 10Be careful with the photographer at the party!


No. 11. Round dance is clearly not a success!


№ 12. A cozy holiday at home


Number 13. Some more photos from London ... Police regulates the degree of New Year's fun of citizens!


№ 14. London: New Year's holidays in details


№ 15. The main thing is the right company!



These were 15 drunk New Year photos. I hope you understand that it is better not to get involved in alcohol on New Year's Eve. Otherwise, next year in such an article will be your photo!