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Reinforced glass is called a special kind of silicate glass, permeated inside the mesh mesh. Its distinctive qualities are safety and fire resistance, as well as guaranteed anti-vandal protection. This type of glass is quite often used to perform such works as: glazing of windows and ceilings, glazing of skylights, glazing of partitions in various buildings, fitting out of balcony fences. The strength of the reinforced glass is provided by the metal mesh inside, and compared to conventional glass, strength is increased by about one and a half times. Of course, such glass will not protect against thieves, but it will not be able to break up into a thousand small hacks, and in case of fire, glass forms a special barrier from smoke and hot gases. And to clean glass windows is just as easy.


The manufacture of reinforced glasses is technically difficult: a metal grid with square cells is placed in the middle of the sheet so that it is parallel to its surface during manufacture.Usually a welded mesh made of steel wire is used, but for top quality glass - with an additional aluminum coating. The side of one square cell fluctuates 12.5 or 25 mm, but invariably the grid should be placed over the entire area of ​​the sheet, and it should be removed at a distance of at least 1.5 mm from the surface of the glass. The type of finished glass is not necessarily usual, the customer has the right to choose a non-trivial form of glass, patterned or corrugated. You can change the color, you can buy a glass of purple, blue, yellow, red, even golden.


Installation of reinforced windows should be of high quality and, therefore, not too cheap. Make sure that the windows are installed in the period prescribed by law. Masters of a store are not personally responsible for the operation of windows, it is the company. iting Be sure in the contract before agreeing to any services, the contract prescribes all the nuances.