Ariana Grande will marry next year

Lucky American actor Pete Davidson.

This is the rapid development of relations! It was only in mid-June that we wrote that the singer had made an offer, and this after only a few weeks of dating. And then came the new turn: as you discovered, 24-year-old Grande and 25-year-old Davidson will legitimize the relationship next year.

Ariana and Pete do not part with each other for a minute. Like any normal lovers, they ...
... love to cuddle ...
... and, of course, kissing ...
... and even run together more fun!

For today's stars of their age, this is pretty soon: for example, the 29-year-old supermodel Candice Swanepoel has been meeting with fashion model Hermann Nicoli since 2005, and only ten years later, in August 2015, he made her a marriage proposal. Candy agreed, and since then the couple managed to give birth to two sons - Anak (in October 2016) and Ariel (in June 2018), but she hasn’t got married yet.Angel of Victoria’s Secret once, communicating with fans on Instagram, noted that she didn’t want a banal wedding, and therefore she was not in a hurry with the wedding. Maybe a couple with this will wait another ten years, when the children grow up and can participate in the ceremony.

Candace and Hermann in three years, the engagement gave birth to two sons, but they are not in a hurry
Photo: @angelcandices

But among the stars there are those who are quick to develop relationships, like Ariana with Pete. This, for example, Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin, who took but secretly got married less than a month later, the engagement.