Are you ready for Black Friday?

The long-awaited moment when favored goods can be purchased at a price of 2, or even 3 times lower than normal, is approaching. Learn how to make a purchase even more profitable and even earn on it.

How to prepare for Megashoping?

Today started one of the most ambitious and massive sales of the world - Black Friday, or Black Friday! Discounts in both offline and online stores reach 70%. And some sellers are even ready to throw up to 90% of the normal price of the goods! Black Friday gathers crowds of shoppers looking to make the best bargain of the year. Cams, kilometer queues and tears of desperation for those who did not have time to buy goods at a "ridiculous" price are invariable attributes of these few days. This year, Black Friday falls on November 24-26. Most stores will hold it on these dates. Although some retailers may slightly change the dates and duration of the sale.
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A stunning selection of goods, many of which will be wonderful gifts in Christmas and New Year, and also fantastically discounts make millions of people around the world take part in Black Friday.But the most prudent know that shopping on the Internet makes it possible to obtain additional savings. So, a significant part of the purchase price can be returned back if you make purchases through cashback services.
The essence of the work of such services is simple - they receive a percentage of the selling companies for attracting new customers, and in turn, they return to customers a percentage of the amount of each purchase. From such a cycle all win.
The most favorite buyers and reliable cashback services this year are, LetyShops, ePN, Kopikot. For example, the service returns to its customers on the account, depending on the store, up to 40% of the purchase price. You can deduce the saved money by a convenient method on bank, a card, an electronic purse, Paypal or a mobile phone. Since August of this year, Megabonus has reduced for its users a minimum limit of cashback output to just $ 1.5.

Black November - what is it?

In recent years, pre-Christmas sales are moving closer to the beginning of November and do not end with Black Friday. This led to the emergence of such a notion as “Black November” - a whole month of grand sales and discounts.According to marketing research, the increase in buyers is 6-7% as the Christmas and New Year approaches. And in the pre-New Year days, the turnover of supermarkets in general increases in two.
It is better not to wait for crowds and influx of buyers. After all, so you run the risk of remaining without the desired acquisitions - the most popular products are bought up in the first few hours of sales.

How to prepare for the waterfall of November discounts in advance:

  • Make a list of priority purchases and necessarily in advance to compare the prices of goods in several sites.
  • Set a limit amount for shopping, so as not to go into a minus.
  • Start shopping on Friday, and as soon as possible - for the first customers there are special special discounts and gifts.
  • Use the Megabonus cachebee service to save more than others and return some of the money spent. In this case, you not only receive the maximum discount from the seller, but, in addition, the cashback from Megabonus.

How to save money on a black Friday sale

To get started, register with the cashback service. When registering, use a valid email address to which you have access.He will also be your login in the system.
After registration, install the application or extension Megabonus. We recommend installing a separate browser, which you will use only for purchases through cashback service. This will help to avoid problems with the accrual of cashback.
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Before you start shopping, familiarize yourself with the percentage and terms of cashback in the selected store, and you can enjoy safe and economical shopping! Please note that adding a product to the cart and its payment must be made in one browser session and from one device.
Saved funds will be visible on your account immediately after payment of the order. In some cases it may take longer - up to 4 hours. But this rarely happens. As a rule, you can see the accrued cashback in your account immediately after the payment. After confirming receipt of the order, you can withdraw the saved funds.
Megabonus users save up to $ 400 per year on average. And the savings of the most active reaches $ 10,000. Participation in helps to earn extra money, in fact, without buying anything. Invite your friends to register by your link and get up to 50% of their cashback!

What not to miss on Black Friday 2017?

In the sale of Black Friday, both domestic and foreign stores are involved. For sure, AliExpress will offer you the lowest prices for products. But do not forget about the sales of other global retailers - eBay, JD and others. Here discounts will also reach 70% or more. They will also take part in the promotion and offer discounts up to 90% of domestic stores and services: KupiVIP, book24, Pudra, Avt24, and many others.
Promotional products are already available on most sites, and you can explore the best deals and products with the highest discounts. But it is better to add them to the basket immediately before purchase. And do not forget to register an account in the Megabonus cashback service and activate the cashback before you start shopping.