Handy for May 9 at school

Acquaintance with Victory Day is an important stage in the development of children. This holiday awakens the best, patriotic feelings towards their country, pride in their ancestors and confidence in the strength of the native power. How to make crafts on May 9 Victory Day at school?

As usual, making crafts is one of the stages of preparing for the holiday. When kids make crafts for Victory Day with their own hands, they better understand the meaning of this event and show interest in it.

Crafts for May 9, school

Crafts for 9 May to school

The school may be asked to make a poster by May 9. Look at the video for a good version of the execution of this craft:

As a crafts on May 9, you can make your own hands to the school:

Application "May 9" on a disk made of colored paper and napkins. This bright, catchy hand-made article can be a wonderful gift for Victory Day.