Alla Dovlatova told the whole truth about the fifth pregnancy

The mother of four children responded in a peculiar way to the attacks of subscribers.

“Alla Dovlatova is pregnant?” - fans of the actress and radio host, having discerned on one of her photos tummy, immediately diagnosed.

But just a year ago, Dovlatova became the mother for the fourth time. Did the presenter, who will turn 44 on August 16, venture on the fifth child?

Alla didn’t warm up the rumors. She told about her “pregnancy” in the open, having laid out a photo of a naked belly.

August 14, 2018 at 3:31 pdt

“I have never made such poor photos, but yesterday I was surprised by the comments of some subscribers regarding my imaginary pregnancy,” Dovlatova wrote. “Therefore, I show everyone to my curious belly.”

Alla admitted: rounded forms are not the consequences of overeating. It’s the operator’s fault.

“I’ve been on television for 26 years and I understand that the camera adds up to 7 kg,” explains Dovlatova.“But good operators are shooting us so that this increase is reduced to 4 kg.” In addition, we are actively moving, constantly falling out of the light. And the light in our studio is not a concert. In short, I am not pregnant, did not become fat, and went back to bodybuilding (breathing exercises for weight loss. - Approx. "

July 13, 2018 at 1:32 PDT

Earlier, in an interview for Antenna magazine, Dovlatov admitted that, although her recent pregnancy was easier than the previous ones, it was not easy to recover from the fourth birth:

“In this case, the main secret is labor. Of course, I limit myself in nutrition and after seven in the evening I try not to eat. If I am very hungry, then I choose something light - a salad, boiled meat. Throughout my pregnancy I practiced yoga, because after it was easier to get in shape. I have a very good trainer Oksana, we are already giving birth to her second child in this way. ”

Recall, from 1995 to 2007, Dovlatova was married to a St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Lyuty. In this marriage, she gave birth to a daughter, Daria, and a son, Paul. With the second husband - police lieutenant colonel Alexei Beard, the presenter introduced Philip Kirkorov.

“Philip to Lesha turned to a police officer for help with work issues. Alexey was my fan.When Philip once again met Lesha, my future husband said: “Do you have a good relationship with Alla? I myself will be grateful to you all my life if you introduce us. ” And so it happened. ”