Acyclovir: instructions for use, price, analogues

"Acyclovir" in the treatment of killing herpes viruses, at the same time preventing the formation of new lesions on the skin. It speeds up the healing of wounds, eliminates pain in areas affected by the rash. Also, the drug improves the immune system, stimulating a faster recovery of the person.

Forms of release and composition

"Acyclovir" is available in the form of round white tablets weighing 200 mg, packed in cardboard boxes of 10 or 20 pieces. Also on sale is found antiviral drug with the same name in the form of powder, cream, ointment or gel.The main active ingredient in the composition of the tablets is acyclovir, selectively acting on herpes viruses.

Indications for use

Orally administered "Acyclovir" is assigned to:

  • for the prevention of cytomegalovirus infection and in severe immunodeficiency in patients after bone marrow transplantation;
  • for the treatment of infections caused by Herpes simplex type 1 and type 2 viruses, Varicella zoster (genital and oral herpes, chicken pox, shingles);
  • for the prevention of diseases caused by viral infection Herpes simplex.

Externally, the tool is used to treat the affected skin with herpes of any type.

Possible contraindications

Drugs that contain the active ingredient acyclovir are contraindicated in patients with renal insufficiency and individual hypersensitivity due to the possible manifestation of an allergic reaction.Caution should be used during pregnancy, breastfeeding, in the treatment of children under 2 years of age.

During treatment, the following adverse events are possible:

  • dizziness, severe headache;
  • nausea, sometimes vomiting;
  • diarrhea;
  • fatigue
  • dyspnea;
  • skin rashes.

Acyclovir ointment

Instructions and dosages

During the course of treatment, "Acyclovir" is taken either during or immediately after a meal, drinking a third cup of cold water. The dosage is set depending on the severity of the disease. Usually tablets are taken 3-4 times a day, taking a break for the night, apply cream, ointment or gel as needed, 2-3 times a day.

Instructions for the treatment of herpes 1 and type 2:

  1. Adults are prescribed 200 mg 5 times a day, the course is extended to 5-10 days.
  2. Children over 2 years old - prescribe taking 200 mg 4 times a day.

Instructions for the treatment of chickenpox:

  1. Adults are prescribed 800 mg 5 times a day, the course is extended to 7-10 days.
  2. Children over 2 years old - prescribed to take 20 mg 4 times a day, the course is 3-5 days.

Price and analogues

The cost of tablets in Russia is from 35 to 60 rubles, ointments from 70 to 190 rubles, but in large cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg and others) the price can reach 400 rubles per pack. In Ukraine, the drug costs from 18 to 210, and sometimes - up to 370 hryvnia. Analogues of "Acyclovir" are the following drugs:

  • "Cyklovir";
  • Vivorax;
  • Zovirax;
  • "Supraviraran";
  • "Citivir";
  • "Virolex";
  • "Gerperax";
  • "Lizavir";
  • Akrikhin;
  • "Cycloax";
  • "Gerpevir";
  • "Provirsan";
  • Gervirax;
  • Hexal;
  • Herpesin.

Also, acyclovir can be replaced by such drugs as Abamun, Arbimax, Acivir, Atsik, Motivir, Deyutorin, Ribavirin, Florenal.