Acne Herbs on Face


What are the herbs for acne on the face

Many plant species are known as a source of organic matter that improves the structure and type of skin.


This plant has a strong constricting effect, which helps to shrink pores and reduce skin secretion in areas with acne. This facilitates the cleansing of the skin from contaminants collected on the surface. Basil acts on the skin as a natural antiseptic. It is much safer than the alcohol used in most acne treatments. Basil can be safely incorporated into masks that are used to treat acne in order to increase the overall effect.

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It is considered a herb with the most powerful skin cleanser. It is recommended to use chamomile with clay or in combination with products containing vegetable oils that form a protective coating on the skin.

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This is the most effective tool for cases where acne appears quite often.Geranium oil slows down the production of sebum from the skin - the main culprit in clogged pores. In addition, geranium oil slows down the aging process of the skin.

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Hibiscus (Karkade)

Hibiscus is also known as a natural botox, which works great not only for cleaning and forming a protective coating for acne, but also to maintain elasticity and smoothness. Ultimately, the hibiscus decoction has a protective effect against the negative effects of acne associated with a violation of the appearance of the skin.

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This is a natural solution in case of reddening of the skin. Helps soothe and reduce irritation. Thus, products containing lavender can be used for optimal skin care for acne and inflammation. As an added benefit, lavender also has a calming effect.

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Exacerbation of acne is an unpleasant condition that does not always require the use of medications for treatment. The use of natural products can provide commensurate support in the prevention and treatment of acne at all ages, without the risk of further irritation of the skin.