A man likes ears, or should I pay him compliments?

How do you think that a man likes to hear compliments in his address? He loves, but is not recognized. Because the girls confidently occupied this niche and do not allow anyone there. In our cultural codes this is written: women love with their ears, and the way to a man’s heart lies through the stomach.

Today, when stereotypical thinking endlessly passes the test for relevance, these statements are in doubt! Psychologists are confident that compliments are equally needed for both sexes, and not a single normal person will refuse to eat tasty food. So how to praise a man if there is no such habit?

Women really like any compliments. And even when we compare our beauty with roses or the color of the eyes with a hint of the ocean, we smile deep down. With men, everything is very different. They take the information literally. And this is a big risk of slipping into a frank moveton or breaking certain taboos.

But do not panic.For the stronger sex a good compliment should be informative, clear, concise and to the point. No florid phrases or meanings between the lines. Want to compliment your appearance? So say: “What a beautiful nose you have” (or “noble profile”). But "You're so cute" and the like is better to hold for children and kittens. Men will not appreciate. Even the most gentle and infantile guys do not perceive either "babies" or "zaek", so remove the calf tenderness from the lexicon. Their masculine "uch-ways" are confirmation of their own importance. Therefore, to every wise woman note: cheer, praise, notice what a man does.

They are ready to hear pleasant words about their strength in exactly the same way as we are compliments to our appearance. “You are so strong”, “You are so smart”, “I admire your abilities” - these are the main tools to make your lover happy. Compliments to a man are needed to confirm his heroism and "primitiveness"

A man likes ears, or should I pay him compliments?

In response, we get a very important thing - strengthening the emotional connection in a relationship. This relationship is the foundation on which the family is built. The atmosphere, the weather in the house - you can call it as you please, but for any, even the most modern and independent of each other, the couple must have such elements.

There is also an opinion that compliments can have an effective impact. That men are filled with exactly what we fill them with. This is a good indication that you should not be greedy about these issues. Evaluate his actions, words, gifts sincerely and with a smile, showing that this is important and pleasant for you, and not daily or beaten.

Another favorite male theme - compliments, emphasizing sexuality. They are usually spoken during or after sex, and in principle, to maintain a high level of flirting will not be superfluous. Laugh at his jokes - men are aware that we value their sense of humor and consider his presence a sign of intelligence. And this for us women is also incredibly sexy. In general, apart from all these basic skills, it would be good to experiment with the formats of compliments, because even they need a variety!