A master barber from Lebanon does something fantastic with your hair!

Modern dyeing techniques are amazing! I really want to try something new, but often stops in this matter only one detail - where to find a good master?

The intelligent hairdresser is only able to make us younger, slimmer and more attractive with a wave of scissors. Want to see how a talented hair transformation professional works? Meet Mr. Munir - not just a hairdresser, he is a real hair designer! His wonderful works are recognizable all over the world, and more than half a million women (just as many subscribers account for his salon on Instagram) dream of falling into the skillful hands of a wizard.

His work is fascinating and stunning at the same time, because the master is constantly inventing new dyeing and cutting techniques. And happy clients are only glad to take part in a real hairdressing show. True, you have to pay a lot ...


What they do with their hair at Mounir Salon in Beirut is akin to magic! Masters work in the technique of ombre, balasi and shatush. All these methods of coloring provide a smooth and soft transition from tone to tone, making the hairstyle stunning. And the hair and want to touch, they are so soft!

The masters from the famous salon have their own zest - they create real works of art from hair and paints. Or maybe this is the secret technique that makes hair look amazing after dyeing?


Although the prices at Mounir Salon are not comic, the masters are selling like hot cakes there. Still would! After all, in such a place you feel like a real princess.

Dyeing hair for a woman is as natural as wearing a handbag. Coloring helps not only to hide the extra years, but also to change the image. And this is important for young ladies of any age and wealth!


Perhaps this article will help you to finally decide, to paint precious curls or not. But we know what you want ... You want in Mounir Salon! Believe me too.