7 most popular myths about paid medicine

Therefore, I want to talk about private medicine and the common misconceptions of patients on this topic.

In private medicine, the best specialists work

Alas! In private medicine, all the same "faces" work that you are so tired of seeing in your own clinic in your place of residence. They plow their shift, take off their bathrobe, jump into the car and go to a private center, where they receive another 2-3 hours. No magic, no special and special doctors.

Previously, the chance to find an experienced specialist in a private clinic was really high - simply because there were few such institutions. It is logical that the leaders of medical centers tried to find a doctor with an impeccable reputation, vast experience and always with academic degrees or at least the highest category.

Now private clinics appear and collapse in dozens - this happens in the regions, and in Moscow the bill goes to hundreds. Therefore, young professionals work in private medicine.This does not mean that everything is bad: among young and experienced doctors there are approximately equal chances to meet an excellent specialist.

7 most popular myths about paid medicine

In private medicine, better diagnosis

Here everything is not so clear. If you evaluate the diagnosis in general - the methods of research will be the same as in the state polyclinic. Just in a private medical center, everyone will do it quickly and in one place, and in the state clinic you will have to go long and tediously to get a quota, get a referral, and then, perhaps, to drag yourself to the other end of the city for research.

However, in general, equipment in private clinics is better. Digital x-ray equipment instead of those that caught the beginning of the last century. A good MRI machine. Normally "seeing" the apparatus of ultrasound. And so on.

In public clinics, too, there is a new equipment, but ... Everything happens very slowly and sadly. And it depends largely on the conscience and goodwill of the head of the medical institution.

7 most popular myths about paid medicine

In private medicine, an individual approach

The phrase “individual approach” is just marketing, with rare exceptions. Every doctor has in his head an algorithm for treating a particular disease.Moreover, it is this approach that is right.

Are you sure that you want to dance with tambourines around diagnosis and treatment? A pinch of one and a bunch of other medicine, as well as a prayer on a waning moon? Who needs trials and mistakes when there is a mass of objective information that it is enough for a doctor to simply structure in his head and adapt a little to the Russian reality?

In the same way as in the state, in private medicine, experts treat according to spent algorithms. With some exceptions, in the form of cases that are resistant to standard therapy. It is in these situations, by the way, that professional flair and other facets of the talent of a good doctor are revealed.

7 most popular myths about paid medicine

Private medicine is always prescribed the right treatment.

We remember that the same specialists work in private clinics as in state ones. Therefore, it is quite natural that both there and there they mow.

Frustratingly, many times patients came to me with appointments received at the city’s most famous private clinic — and each time it was delightful in its senselessness a sheet listing dozens of fuflomycins and concomitant non-drug puffle therapy, which were strongly recommended for the patient.

Does this mean that in private medical centers stupid horses are working? Of course not! Treatment with an abundance of harmless, but not very necessary drugs is the result of the fact that many patients expect to receive a wonderful pill, which, according to the patient, is known only to a specialist with regalia and who takes it at the well-known medical center. Stroking the patient's expectations is an important part of the treatment in private medicine.

Therefore, the prescribed therapy is in part just a response to the illusory expectations of the patient. It will not always meet the standards, objective information and, alas, it will not even always be correct. Therefore, entry into a paid medical center is by no means a ticket to the magical world of ideal medicine.

7 most popular myths about paid medicine

In paid medical centers good doctors

The management of private medical centers regularly conducts educational conversations with doctors, trying to hammer into the heads of proud doctors, that the era of “the client is always right” has come to medicine.

However, good specialists clearly understand that they have a fairly wide choice of places where they can work, and therefore, bend over to desires, and even more so, the requirements of the patient do not see the point.

That is why you will surely smile at the reception, spend up to the office and kiss on the nose ... But it’s not at all a fact that a doctor's appointment will be as pleasant as a conversation with a dazzlingly beautiful blonde registrar. Most likely the doctor will be just polite. The duties of the doctor of the private clinic and the state hospital are the same, and the licking of the gluteus muscles of the patient is not included in them.

7 most popular myths about paid medicine

If I need a hospital, in private medicine I will get it

Another nice delusion. In fact, getting a patient in your own clinic is even easier. Especially if you are a regular patient and the doctor represents what to expect from you.

In private medicine, the issue of sick leave is checked exactly the same way as in the state. This means that the prosecutor waves his hand as if to welcome the doctor all the time when the question arises of issuing an ill-fated paper on temporary disability. Therefore, the patient must present serious grounds for obtaining the patient. And the duration of incapacity for work will not be what the patient wants, but what is indicated in the normative documents.

And the argument "I paid you, let's do me a favor of giving a sick-list" will not work.

You will be bred

Undoubtedly, they will be if the head of the clinic is set up for quick profit and no less rapid transformation of the enterprise into unprofitable. Alas, there are still quite a few such clinics. There, confidentially looking into the patient's eyes, the doctor will tell him about the deadly prospects of acute respiratory viral infections with a temperature of 37.2 and explain why he urgently needs to undergo 10 procedures of blood purification with a laser.

Patients, in general, are not fools either. They quickly understand everything and go for a second opinion to the state polyclinic. The physically disinterested doctor gives them more or less objective information, after which the patient chooses which of the paid services he really needs and what is simply imposed.

7 most popular myths about paid medicine

Due to the huge competition in private medicine, the tendency to raise patients for money is becoming less and less popular. Smart organizers work primarily on reputation. And the most intelligent ones skillfully combine the construction of an impeccable reputation and an unobtrusive divorce for services, but it is so thin that the patient does not suspect anything.

Does private medicine have unquestionable advantages over state medicine? The only advantage is one thing - comfort.A visit to the doctor in a private medical center allows you to save time and save nerve cells. This is a lot if you remember the fights for life and death for the last coupon to the oculist in the registry of your own clinic ... But also a little if you consider that private medicine also has its drawbacks.