7 characteristics of ready-mixed concrete, which determine the durability of the objects being constructed

In the construction of the most popular material is the concrete mix. It is used both for basic and for finishing works. In recent years, gaining popularity in the market - we offer a high quality solution produced in the factory. The material is immediately ready for use and is delivered to the construction site by specialized transport.

High standards

Commodity concrete is a mortar that contains a certain percentage of cement, sand, rubble and water. Raw materials for its preparation must meet the requirements of current standards. For example, sand without pollution is suitable for the production of ready-mixed concrete. When choosing this raw material, its size, density and humidity are taken into account.The cement used to produce the mortar must have good activity, that is, sufficient compressive strength. The operational properties of the finished concrete mix depend on this indicator. The standard allows for the use in the manufacture of building materials crushed stone without impurities, which, according to the degree of flakiness, should belong to the cuboid group. Even the quality of the water has increased requirements. The composition of the liquid must contain a minimum of salts that can change its pH.

Depending on the target orientation, the following types of concrete mix are distinguished:

  • high-strength - the solution is mainly used for the construction of bridges and the construction of foundations of high-rise buildings;
  • heat-resistant - building materials are designed for long-term operation at extremely high temperature;
  • fast setting - the solution contains a number of additives that accelerate the hardening process;
  • hydrotechnical - building material is used for the construction of objects under water;
  • fine-grained - the production technology of such a solution involves the use of crushed stone of the smallest fraction;
  • decorative - the material is intended for interior decoration.

The production technology of ready-mixed concrete provides for strict adherence to the sequence of adding components to the mixture, their proportions, and temperature conditions. The main characteristics of the solution, which determine the durability and reliability of the facilities being constructed:

  • Homogeneous consistency, without the formation of lumps. This is provided by careful mixing of the components.
  • High density material.
  • The mobility and strength of the structure of the concrete mixture, thanks to the competent selection of plasticizers. These substances artificially improve the technical characteristics of the solution and reduce the consumption of cement and water.
  • The optimum moisture level of the finished material.
  • High frost resistance.
  • Required thermal expansion coefficient.
  • High fire resistance.

Concrete production is strictly controlled at all stages. Therefore, the finished material meets the requirements of GOST.

Scope of Application

Concrete is a mandatory component of any construction.Its physical properties determine the quality and durability of the constructed building. The main characteristics of the material are:

  • brand (determines the ultimate compressive strength);
  • class;
  • frost resistance;
  • permissible coefficient of thermal expansion;
  • resistance to moisture
  • fire resistance.

The cost of building materials directly depends on these characteristics. Ready-mixed concrete is used for:

  • building monolithic buildings
  • building bridges, roads, dams;
  • building pools;
  • floor slabs.

He is actively ousting outdated reinforced concrete structures from the market. Monolithic construction sites have several advantages:

  • high seismic resistance;
  • no seams;
  • durability;
  • reliability;
  • freedom to choose the layout options.

High-quality concrete mix after pouring gives uniform shrinkage over all areas.

Better conditions for cooperation

Manufacturing company MatrAlliance sells high-quality concrete mixes in Moscow and Moscow Region that meet the requirements of international standards.Delivery to the construction site of the solution is carried out within 24 hours after the order. The company "Metr Alliance" is able to comprehensively provide objects with turnkey materials.