6 tricks for using a kitchen knife that will help you in the kitchen

Today we want to show you the tricks of Los Angeles-based chef Anthony Controneo, who skillfully wields a knife and slices any vegetables in seconds. In his work, he uses an eight-inch sharp knife. Before performing the tricks make sure that the knife is well ground.

1. You need to hold the knife correctly in your hand - place the middle of the handle on the index finger, grip the knife with your thumb, and then place the other fingers on the handle.

2. To finely crumble leafy greens, roll it into a roll and slice.

3. The knife should always touch the cutting board.

4. To cut the vegetable into strips, cut it into pieces of 4-5 cm, make a cut on one side. Then cut the pieces lengthwise and into strips.

5. To cut the onion into cubes, cut the onion into 2 halves. Each half cut into 3 parts, leaving 1/4 part not cut, then finely crumble.

6When you cut vegetables, bend your fingers like “claws” and start cutting from the top, moving your fingers back as you cut.