30 landscapes that look like works of art

Winter is a great time of the year. And although frost can be deadly, snow and ice can create truly incredible things. Wonderful forms arise at random. Snow just lay on a branch, and now melted under the bright sun. But suddenly a cold wind blew, and the drops froze, creating beautiful shapes. Snow-covered branches, leaves and berries look more picturesque than other paintings. Even ice-covered buildings and fences seem to be adornments. Here are the 30 most striking examples of this.

# 1. A frozen lighthouse on the shore of Lake Michigan looks as if the Snow Queen herself lives on it.

№2. Frozen plant buds are like flowers from another planet.

No. 3. When all the living flowers are hidden under the snow, the ice starts to blossom.

№4. The ice turned the web around the lantern in elegant lace

№.5 Flowers in the frame of ice drops

№.6 Ice rain in Chinaworks almost like a 3-D printer

№7.Needles made of ice turn ordinary fence wire into barbed wire

# 8. A blooming apple tree with the addition of drops frozen in the wind looks even more beautiful.

№9. Sometimes the snow balls are rolled up by the wind itself. And it turns out he is even more beautiful than ours.

Number 10. The leaves of raspberry covered with frost are simply gorgeous!

№11. Incredible Winter Pine Geometry

№ 12. Bullfinches eat frozen berries and fall to the ground under their weight. That's right, you can only admire such beauty!

No. 13. Winter in Finland is the most beautiful time of the year. No wonder that Santa Claus himself settled there.

№ 14. Crystals of ice are like a scattering of precious stones

No. 15. Under the influence of the charm of winter, even an ordinary puddle has grown its wings.

№ 16. Snow giants go on a trip to meet the sun

№17. Caution! The ice monster can hide very close!

№18. When the frost comes really suddenly, you can see such incredible compositions of ice and fresh flowers.

No. 19 And how without a classic pattern on the frozen window?

No. 20. A rose in an icy cocoon resembles a flower from a fairy tale. It is better not to disrupt, a monster may appear!

№21. They say that there are no two identical snowflakes.This lucky, its uniqueness is captured in the photo

№22. Ice rain in early spring covered blooming shrub transparent glaze

№23. Snow ghosts in the morning field

№24. The shine of frozen drops in the morning sun is fascinating

№26. Road between diamond trees

№27. Tropical plants in an unusual habitat

№28. Ice Venus

№29. Trees after a fire covered with a snow hat