20 aphorisms of Mikhail Zhvanetsky about women, men and love

20 aphorisms of Mikhail Zhvanetsky about women, men and love

With a woman you can do anything, just she needs to constantly explain what we are doing at the moment.

Among all women, a man first chooses a fun one. Among the fun - beautiful. Among the beautiful - smart. Among the smart - gentle. Among the gentle - patient.

I believe that the man who says “I love women”, he tells us about himself. And the man who says “I love a woman” tells us about her.

A cold woman is not yesterday's soup, you cannot warm it up.

Scandal does not spoil the woman, but refreshes. She is a scandal and lives. And you will say: so that you die, you immediately perform.

... you yourself are what woman near you, you are in her taste.

Never marry a woman with whom you can live. Marry the one without which you can not live.

It's okay if they laugh at you. Much worse when they cry over you.
Wisdom does not always come with age.It happens that age comes alone.

Women with brains go to the brains.

It is better to make love with love than to make love with difficulty.

Never exaggerate the stupidity of enemies and the loyalty of friends.

Happiness is to see the toilet and have time to reach it.

When severe frost, people become warmer to each other.

There are no happy ends. If happy, then not the end.

In men, the body replaces the brain first. Over the years, the opposite. The brain replaces the body.

Each person is a blacksmith of his own happiness and the anvil of a stranger.

Real loneliness - when you talk to yourself all night long, and they don’t understand you.

Thoughts and women do not come together.

A woman is a creature to love.