17 life hacking that will help you out in difficult situations

There are a lot of useful and convenient devices in the world. Industrial design develops from year to year to make our life easier and more convenient. But some things and products still have to improve on their own. Indeed, there are so many small unpleasant situations in the world that annoy us. With seventeen of them, as it turned out very easy to handle.

1. Clean the glass of car headlights with toothpaste.

Even after washing the car thoroughly, the headlights may not be clean enough. Do not necessarily spend money on specialized products, instead, periodically polish the glasses with ordinary toothpaste. Just choose the usual white, not transparent gel, there are more fine abrasive particles in it. After cleaning, simply wash the glass and wipe dry.

2. Do not let boiling liquid spill on the stove

In order not to miss the moment of boiling the soup, and to avoid dirt on the stove, place a wooden spoon or spatula across the pan. Even if the foam rises very quickly, it will not run away from the pan.Important: the spoon must be completely dry.

3. Do not be afraid of tight parking.

For those parking lots, where the car is parallel to each other, it's best to park your car back. In this case it is easier to fit the car between two neighboring ones, without hitting them. The car with this method is easier to put exactly. If you try to call in front, the car may not have enough turning radius.

4. Quickly cool drinks

If you need to immediately cool the drink in a bottle, wrap it in a wet towel or napkin, and only then send it to the freezer. This lifhak is based on the fact that the gases have less thermal conductivity than solid bodies and liquids. The moisture evaporates from the napkin and it cools down very quickly to the temperature of the freezer. The bottle, in turn, rather cooled, in contact with a cold napkin, than coming into contact with cold air.

5. If there are no batteries of the right size.

Some people have a real panic when buying batteries. After all, if you do not know the exact size required for a particular device, it is very easy to make a mistake. Now, if you find yourself in a similar situation, simply choose the smaller ones.After all, there is nothing easier than to extend the battery. It will help the most ordinary foil. Yes, this is rather an extreme option, but it works!

6. Improvised speakers for smartphone

Do not have time to prepare for an unexpected party? You will be rescued by a smartphone and a simple design of a sleeve and plastic cups. If there are no plugs from the towels, a short one from toilet paper will do. It remains only to find a suitable playlist.

7. Type in a convenient position.

Most keyboards are equipped with small legs, thanks to which it can be installed at a slight inclination. It is in this position that it is most convenient to type, and your hands are less tired. Unfortunately, the legs, or one of them, often break. You will rescue ordinary stationery clip. Disassemble it and use parts as supports.

8. Fasten the buttons on the shirt

In order not to waste your time, always sewing torn off buttons, take care of their reliable fixing in advance. First, sewing a button, form a small foot, several times wrapping the end of the thread between the button and the fabric. Secondly, secure the thread with clear nail polish.Spending time once, you forget about your buttons for a long time.

9. Mark with a clip the edge of the adhesive tape.

No one likes to look for the edge of scotch. If you have not got a special device for cutting adhesive tape, do not despair. An ordinary clip will help you out. It is easy to tear off the edge, and the entire tape can be used. When finished, just stick the clip back. The one who invented this, you need to issue an order!

10. Get organized in the dresser

Putting things on each other, you have to shift everything, wanting to get only one. Place them vertically, and gently reach for the right one, as if using a card file. With such an organization, there will always be perfect order on your shelves. You will greatly benefit from small boxes or baskets that will divide the space into sections.

11. Save your favorite cosmetics

Instead of saving on cosmetics, choosing cheaper brands, spend your favorite products wisely. Squeeze out of the tube without any residue will help the usual stationery clip.

12. Get rid of shoes or bag from unpleasant smell.

As a freshener, use tea bags.Leave them in your shoes or bag for a few hours and they will smell much better. If the bag is large enough, you can carry a tea bag in it constantly.

13. hammer nails without injury

Instead of holding small carnations with your finger, use a wooden peg. In this way, nailing is easy and absolutely safe. If the clothespins are not at hand, clamp the nail between the teeth of a small ordinary comb.

14. Cook the perfect scrambled eggs

To prevent egg whites from spreading through the pan and do not mix with each other, use the onion ring as a round shape. You can pre-fry the onion in a pan, and only then drive the eggs.

15. Phone in a glass

Another way to enhance the sound of a smartphone is to place it in an ordinary dry glass. The trick doesn't work as well as it does when using a sleeve, but the music will still sound louder. Especially true for those who occasionally do not hear the alarm.

16. Improvised Notebook Stand

We appreciate laptops for their mobility, but it turns out to be undesirable to put them on their knees without special devices.The cooler will heat up from tight contact. Use as a stand an ordinary cardboard tray for eggs. It ensures good air circulation under the laptop, protecting it from overheating.

17. Build the perfect sandwich

For real perfectionists. No more blank edges. All you need is to cut each piece in half and correctly position it on toast.