10 things to do around the house before winter

No, we're not talking about canning tons of vegetables. But something worth time before the cold weather.

Soon, very soon the social networks will be filled with memes with Keith Harrington and his epic prediction of the near winter. I would keenly want a warm blanket to hold a cup of hot cocoa, a cozy book, a purring cat, peace and quiet. That's just the comfort and peace is the time to provide for yourself now, while the summer energy is still in the body. For this it is enough to do 7 things, and then enjoy all the colors of the coming autumn.

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1. Defrost the refrigerator

Throw out all that was obviously stale, wipe and clean the shelves, remove the frost from the freezer — for sure in the summer they did not reach all of this. Now you have a place for stocks of the latest summer greens. By the way, how best to freeze it, read HERE.

2. Enumerate kitchen cabinets

Something had long awakened, something was left on the bottom in crumpled bags. It's time to organize it all. And stock up on canned food and groceries.Then in winter you will not have to leave the house once again when the weather whispers: do not leave the room, do not make a mistake.

3. Clean the grill for kebabs and skewers

It is time to go to them for long storage on the mezzanine. Yes, perhaps we will also get out into nature a couple of times before the May holidays. But it is not exactly.

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4. Wash the windows

And inside and outside. Then it will be too cold, and the house will become even darker than it could be. By the way, it is better to wash the windows on a cloudy day, then there will be no stains and rainbow highlights on the glasses.

5. Recycle summer clothes

To rub down, dry out and put on the top shelf of the cabinet. We will need them not soon, why clutter up space. But in the spring the probability of detecting an old spot on a sundress will be zero.

6. Tidy up your bag

All these old checks, receipts, pens that have not been written for a long time, greasy sweets and flyers - that's all in the trash. In the bag there is a place for documents, a wallet, a powder box and lipstick. The rest is from the evil one.

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7. Dry the blankets and pillows.

The last sunny days, the last sun - do not miss it. Let things dry properly and air out.And at the same time they will keep the memory of sunny days.

8. Clean the carpet

Not just vacuuming, but really cleaning, to remove all traces of summer dust, birch seeds that flew through the window, and other pollutants that the carpet regularly absorbs. The same is good to do with sofa cushions. After all, soon you will spend a lot of time together.

9. Buy a heater

Now there is still a chance that it will be possible to find the device at a discount. In the midst of frosts, the sale of heaters can only be dreamed of. By the way, how to choose the right heater, you can read HERE.

10. Make minor repairs

A dripping faucet, a creaking door, something needs to be glued in, something to tint - it’s better to fix it all, there is still enough daylight. Winter evenings are made for knitting and books, not for messing around with plumbing.