10 Russian traditions from which foreigners are delighted

Foreign guests are very attracted to this "mysterious Russian soul", which is not easy to understand.

Russia has always been a special country, which falls in love at first sight. Foreigners admire a lot in us: hospitality, mercy and patience. On the generosity of the Russian legends. Is it possible to remain indifferent to Russian cuisine! Few can resist pancakes with red caviar. What else will captivate overseas guests? We have compiled a list of 10 things familiar to us, from which foreign guests come to the delight.

Special relationship to bread

Foreigners quite easily part with unnecessary things, just sending them to the trash. But, coming to Russia, I want to follow the ancient traditions. For example, foreign guests begin to feel a special feeling for bread, which the Russians never throw away. He has long been the most important dish on the table, an indicator of wealth, since its presence symbolizes order, a full and satisfied life.To this day, this is not even a sign, but rather a tribute to the ancestors who fought in the war and won thanks to the forces that drew only from the crusts of bread.

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The ability to have fun

For the Russians, the “most important thing is to start at least something to celebrate.” We do this best of all in the world. No people have so many holidays, which are celebrated for several days. From December 31 to January 10, the Russian people celebrate the New Year, wedding festivities always stretch out for two days, Maslenitsa celebrates a whole week. By themselves, the farewell of winter is unique. Everything is here: treats, fistfights, burning of stuffed animals, round dances.

Handmade in Russian

Foreigners admire Russian craftswomen. Our talented girls are able to create incredibly cute little things - from jewelry to photo albums and from snood to gingerbread. Foreign guests are happy to buy these original works as a gift. It also became fashionable to sign up for master-classes on hand-made.

Bath visit

As soon as you arrived in Russia, you first need to experience all the delights of the Russian bath. This ritual will be remembered for many years. A bath for a Russian person is a special place.Here the girls were guessing for their betrothed, local healers were treating people, and sorcerers carried out various love spells. Today, many bathhouse attendants continue the traditions of their ancestors and thoroughly relate to their work: they drink water with a decoction of healing herbs, consider the number of visits to the steam room, and in the end they will generously whip them with a fragrant broom, so much so that all evil thoughts will leave their heads. “I come to Russia on purpose after difficult negotiations,” says Englishman Will. - You can relax only after this bath. I can afford the best spa hotels. ”

Attitude towards the elderly

Abroad, it is considered the norm to give old people to homes for the elderly, who in reality are more like sanatoriums. No matter how comfortable conditions are created, not a single respectable hotel in the world can give an elderly person the joy of socializing with loved ones. The soup made by the daughter (even if it is salted out) will be tastier than gazpacho from the best chef. “Russians don't abandon old people,” says Italian Mario, who has lived in our country for five years. “I admire people who are independently caring for elderly parents.”

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Courtyard games

In Europe, more often, playgrounds are built in parks, in the courtyards you will not find any swings with merry-go-rounds. Even the new-fashioned rope towns will not replace street entertainment with the neighbors. In Russia, no one plays Cossack brigands and war games, children prefer football or hockey more. Sometimes they just sit on the benches, buried in the phone screen. At the same time, the yard friendship remained, which foreigners could envy.

Farewell to the school

Only in Russia eleventh graders walk twice: on the last bell, which passes before the exams, and graduation party (it is already marked with a certificate in your pocket). Pupils are obliged to a double farewell to the school to the Soviet authorities. In the 70s, they decided to give importance to secondary education and made an additional celebration. It turned out to be touching and a little sad. Most of all lucky schoolchildren from St. Petersburg. In the northern capital, a holiday in honor of graduating from school received the romantic name “Scarlet Sails”. This evening, thousands of students yesterday are going to Palace Square. Towards midnight, the action shifts towards the Neva water area, where the grand pyrotechnic show begins.The role of the fabulous galliot “The Secret” from the story by Alexander Green is traditionally performed by the Swedish sailboat Tre Kronor.

Love reading

Russia continues to be one of the most reading nations. A person with a book can be found everywhere: in the subway, park, on the beach or train station. Build a home library is still fashionable and honorable. Russians are ready to give a substantial part of their salary for books. Foreigners are only amazed: "The refrigerator may be empty, but on the shelf is the complete works of Gogol." Try to offer this person money for a unique collection. Never sell. Such a passion for print publications can not help but admire! Interestingly, books are passed down from generation to generation.

Wedding ceremonies

Of course, a lot of things in the wedding ceremony itself cause a shock to foreign guests. There are wedding ceremonies that foreigners like. One of the touching moments is when parents of the groom meet newlyweds with a loaf after registration. Now only newlyweds are treated to beautiful and fragrant bread, and earlier bread was distributed to guests in strict sequence: the biggest piece was given to the bride and groom, then to parents and relatives, the next were musicians, only then the children and other guests.

Mutual assistance

Foreigners who have lived for several years in our country say that they first of all love Russians for openness, kindness and the ability to come to the aid of an unfamiliar person. We are always ready to intercede for other women, old people and children. Moving a baby through a puddle, lifting a heavy bag onto the luggage rack, pushing a car that is stuck in the snow is all common for Russians. We do not understand how to get past the one who got into trouble. So, of course, not everyone thinks, but nevertheless, generosity is a national peculiarity of Russians.