10 most interesting horror films of 2015

If you like horror movies, then you probably will be wondering which of them came out in 2015 and which really deserve attention and make you literally tremble with fear.

Top 10 worst horror movies of 2015:

1. "Poltergeist". The family consisting of spouses loving each other and their three wonderful children moves to a new home. The place is very quiet and seemingly calm. But not everything is as perfect as we would like. Almost immediately after moving to a new home, something strange is starting to happen. The younger daughter sees someone in the closet and even starts talking to him.

The couple did not pay attention to it, and in vain, because suddenly the girl just disappears, and almost nowhere. The whole family is in a panic and does not know what to do, so it turns to a paranormal specialist. He finds out that there is a poltergeist in the house, and an incredibly strong one. The incomprehensible entity uses the fears of all the inhabitants of their possessions against them, so it is almost impossible to fight it. But the specialist who came to the aid knows how to find and save the youngest daughter.

But who will go to the other world? And can a family get a poltergeist out of their home? This and much more is to be learned by viewers who will surely experience a lot of emotions while watching a movie.

2. "Astral 3". The main character is a simple teenage girl. She lives the most ordinary life, but once she gets under the car and gets fractures of both legs. By the way, the circumstances of this incident were very mysterious, but no one gave meaning to it. From the hospital, the girl returns home, but is temporarily bedridden.

It starts a sad and boring time, but soon everything changes. The heroine begins to realize that she is not alone in the room. Almost every night she visits an unknown entity. But with one visit everything was not limited, and once the otherworldly forces almost killed the girl. And if at first his father did not believe his daughter, then, seeing everything with his own eyes, he decided to ask for help.

The incredibly talented and gifted female psychic Alice Reiner reluctantly agrees to help. She no longer wants to communicate with the dead, but she can not leave the girl alone with a powerful being.But will Alice be able to win this time?

3. The Lazarus Effect. This film, which premiered in the first half of 2015, talks about scientists. It's no secret that people have long tried to fight death and resurrect the dead, but the attempts were not successful. And so, the next geniuses of science receive permission for very risky experiments. At first they tried to resurrect animals, and at first nothing worked. And now, a real breakthrough has been accomplished: a dead dog comes to life.

It would seem that it behaves completely normal, but then scientists notice something strange in the animal. It is aggressive and as if controlled by something unknown. One of the next experiments turns tragically: the young and talented scientist Zoe is dying.

Her young man is inconsolable and decides to take a desperate step: he is trying to return the beloved to life. Zoe comes to life, but behaves unusually. And what if she managed to visit the next world? What if the place of her soul was taken by some other one pursuing her goals? It is necessary to find out the girl's colleagues.

4. "Woman in Black 2: The Angel of Death". The events of this film take place during the Second World War.Frequent bombing caused the forced evacuation of a group of schoolchildren. Their accompanying was the young teacher Eva. All of them are transported to the old estate, and at first glance it seems to be safe, since it is in the backwater and almost imperceptible from the sky, which will complicate the task of the bombers.

The group settles down and gradually gets used to the new place, but soon incomprehensible events begin to occur here. Eva herself is increasingly visited by the idea that someone is watching her. A little later, she sees in the vicinity of a strange woman in black. But who is she?

And how is her presence related to the mysterious death of one disciple? The young, but very courageous pilot Harry will help to clarify this. Together with Eve, he will reveal the secret of the estate and find out what forces have awakened because of the arrival of the children. But will they be able to defeat them?

5. "Slender". Sarah, Charlie and Milo work on local television and live in a small town, where life flows measuredly and even boring. And the new task seems to be just as common as all the others, although it is still different. Young people need to find out the circumstances of the disappearance of one family, and for this they will have to go to the house in which the missing lived.

It would seem that there is nothing unusual here, but the guys find a box with video recordings that capture the moments of family life. And there should not have been anything strange. But it's not like that. On the film, young people notice a kind of strange creature, whose faces are not visible. But soon Slender appears. And the whole difficulty lies in the fact that you can only see it through the lens of a video camera.

6. “House of Fear”. This film is also included in the list, because there are a lot of scary moments in it. According to the plot, in the abandoned house, the bodies of a group of brutally murdered students are found. But it turns out that there is also a surviving John, who automatically becomes not only the only witness, but also the main suspect, because more than anyone has been seen before.

The case is entrusted to an experienced detective Mark Lewis, who is assisted by a psychologist Elizabeth Kline. She barely manages to talk John very frightened, but he starts saying weird things. It turned out that everything happened after the young people began to conduct sessions of spiritualism and try to hunt for ghosts.

Oddities occurred in the house before, but students accidentally opened a portal to the other world.But will Elizabeth and Mark believe all this? And can John prove that he is telling the truth?

7. "Sinister 2".The main character is a young sheriff. He decides to continue investigating the strange murders committed in the first part of the film. Trying to find the killer, the sheriff goes to the farm, where the friendly and sociable twins Dylan and Zach live, as well as their mother, Courtney. They all fled from the despotic and cruel head of the family.

But the new house will not become a haven for these unfortunates, because long before their appearance, otherworldly forces rule here, who will do everything to win their possession and show everyone that they are strong, powerful and merciless.

8. "Out of the Dark". Spouses Paul and Sarah Harriman and their daughter Hannah are completely happy and recently moved to Columbia, in the small town of Santa Clare. Very soon, Sarah should take one of the leadership positions in the company of his father, and the new house is huge and looks just gorgeous. It would seem that here it is: a new paradise life.

But happiness is overshadowed by rumors that this place is not as calm and quiet as it may seem at first glance. Many residents say that children living here are very dangerous.Spouses are skeptical of such gossip, but soon realize how wrong they are. Something strange is beginning to happen in the house, and Hannah is in danger. Otherworldly forces are trying to take away the girl from Sarah and Paul. But they are ready to do anything to save the daughter.

9. "Babaduk". Amelia's widow raises son Samuel. The boy is a true visionary, as he comes up with non-existent monsters. One day he asks his mother to read him a strange book. And since then, all of Samuel's fantasies have become real. Angry Babaduk comes to the house, and Amelia stops being like herself. Can a boy save his mother and chase away the mysterious creature from the book?

10. “Vatican Records”. If you like movies about demons and exorcism, then you should watch this one. Angela Holmes - the most ordinary girl. But recently, her family noticed her unique and dangerous abilities. So, it can have an extremely negative impact on others, even serious injuries, injuries and even death.

Concerned relatives seek help from the priest Lozano. He is confident that the girl is controlled by demons, but he understands that he will not be able to cope with them alone, so he asks the Vatican for help.Soon, two experienced specialists come from there and start an exorcism session. But the demon is not simple. The ancient satanic power opposes the pastors, so the struggle will be difficult.

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