10 most interesting franchises

Do you know what a franchise is? Be sure to find out and find out which franchise films are the best.

What is it?

So what is a franchise? In general, this word means the acquisition of any intellectual property and its use for its own purposes. If we talk about the film industry, this concept applies to all films that use ideas and materials created by someone else and acquired from this someone. Such materials can be a plot taken from a work, a comic, a fictional character, and so on.

Most popular franchises

So, the top 10 franchise films:

1. "Harry Potter". A series of films about a unique wizard boy with a scar on his forehead, who lost his parents through the fault of a very evil creature, was filmed from the books of Joan Rolling. Literally from the first pages, they so captured the readers that several enterprising people decided to film this work so that even those who do not like to read and simply do not read for some reason could get acquainted with it.

And the producers did not lose, because the picture has become one of the most popular, and its box office accounted for more than 7 billion dollars. The last part caused mixed feelings among fans. On the one hand, she dotted the "i", and therefore was one of the most anticipated. But, on the other hand, Harry, so beloved by many, will no longer look from the screen.

By the way, the franchise brought world renown to Daniel Radklifu, who played the main role, and Emma Watson, who was noticed thanks to Potter's meticulous and slightly boring girlfriend, Hermione Granger.

2. "James Bond". If you list the most cash and literally bankrupt pictures of the world, then it’s just impossible not to mention the famous “Bond”, for which film fans of the entire planet spent about 15 billion dollars! Impressive, isn't it?

Bond followed one after another, but they all amazed the audience with their tricks, composure, charisma, humor, as well as the ability to seduce girls. The first part, which was released on world screens back in 1962, conquered literally from the first minutes, and not only because Sean Connery appeared in it. The plot and the hero, taken from the novels of Jan Fleming, are so interesting that do not leave anyone indifferent.

James Bond is an agent of the British Intelligence Service "MI6" and receives the most difficult tasks. He uncovers murders and conspiracies, rescues colleagues, and sometimes the whole world, and simultaneously conquers the hearts of the most sultry beauties. By the way, there were 23 films in total, and very soon the fans will see the 24th. The main role was played by Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig, who still remains the current Bond.

3. "Twilight"- A series of films based on the novels of American writer Stephanie Meyer. In the middle of the action is a simple high school student Bella Swan, who accidentally collided with the vampire Edward and, as expected in the novels, fell in love with him.

The feelings were mutual, but it seemed that this couple had no future. As you know, true love works wonders, and so the heroes did everything to be together. But insidious enemies await at every turn. And yet the end was happy.

4. "Star Trek". The history of this franchise began in 1966, in which the series Star Trek: The Original Series was released. The author of this idea, as well as the founder of a whole new universe, is Gene Roddenberry.Since then, there have been six television series, many different stories and books, several computer games, and 12 feature films.

The plot is based on a utopian future, in the fictional universe of which the United Federation of Planets organization operates, and the Earth also enters it. But the vast expanses of the galaxy are still unknown and completely unexplored, and it is often the protagonists who are often involved in their research.

The motto of the researchers: “Our goal is to boldly go where no man’s foot has walked.” Each character has its own unique history and biography, a distant homeland and special traditions.

5. "Batman"- Comic book hero. But the whole world learned about it in 1989 thanks to the still not very well-known at that time, but such a popular director today Tim Burton. The first picture was a kind of black comedy.

Next came out a few sequels, but none of them was successful until Christopher Nolan took over. In 2005, he presented the audience with the film “Batman: the Beginning”. Then came the picture "Dark Knight", which became one of the highest grossing and broke records. But in 2012, the world saw a new part, The Dark Knight: The Revival of a Legend, which also pleased moviegoers.

6. “Mission Impossible”. At the moment, released five films based on the same series. The first part was released in 1996 and immediately won the hearts of millions of viewers, so it was decided to continue the shooting.

At the heart of the action is Ethan Hunt, who is a CIA agent. In every part, he gets into trouble, but manages to get out almost dry from the water. By the way, Tom Cruise is the permanent performer of the lead role in all five parts.

7. “The Lord of the Rings”. The series of films that millions of viewers managed to watch was shot based on the novels of the famous author John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. The first part appeared on the screens already in such a distant 2001, and this was a real event, especially for the Tolkiens. It is clear only three films: in 2001th, 2002th and in 2003th years.

And the film version has become one of the largest projects in the history of the world of cinema. The shooting took about 8 years, and all parts were filmed in New Zealand (the nature of this country fits just perfectly). But in 2012, the first part of the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey trilogy was released. And this series is a screen version of Tolkien's novel The Hobbit, or Back and forth. How is it related to the "Lord of the Rings"? It's simple: this work is nothing but a prequel of the legendary trilogy.

8. "Spiderman". The main character of this franchise is taken from comic books and became known throughout the world thanks to the company "Marvel", which specializes in paintings based on popular drawing stories. The first film was released in 2002, the second - in 2004, and the third and final - in 2007.

In the center of events is a simple guy Peter Parker (this role was played by Tobey Maguire), who quite casually remarked that he can become like a spider: to let the web and move on it, it is easy to climb the walls.

He decided to use his abilities for good purposes, therefore he became a superhero defending everyone who was in trouble. By the way, in 2012 the picture "New Spiderman" came out, which is not a continuation of the trilogy, but a kind of re-launch of the famous story.

9. "The Hunger Games". Do you like exciting and interesting films? Then look this one. The author of the trilogy of the same name is Susan Collins. Events unfold in a utopian state ruled by a real despot. It is divided into districts, and every year from each one is selected for two people who take part in the hunger games.

They have become a tradition for a long time and are a kind of manipulation of the ruler, based on fear. The main character is Katniss Everdin. This ordinary girl first volunteered to participate in games instead of the younger sister, but then decided to go against the system.

10. "People X". This is a series of films about mutants endowed with special abilities, made from comic books of the same name. The main characters are Mystic, Wolverine, Sabretooth, Storm, Cyclops, Toad and some others.

They all differ from ordinary people, but are forced to hide, because many consider them dangerous. In fact, it is not. And the abilities of these creatures are the result of mutations. While filmed seven films, but certainly will come out and new series.

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